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This list represents significant new images added to ZeppelinArt since the release of Master Archive R4 (February 2009). Use the links below to view prior updates. Thanks to all contributors. Upgrades and minor corrective art is usually not listed. Vinyl additions are also not listed.

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Master Archive R4 Updates

2014-06-20 NEW ART

1969-01-31 & 1969-02-01 "Fillmore East" (Fuckin Great)
1969-02-22 & 1969-08-18 "Rockpile Toronto" (Fuckin Great)
1969-04-27 & 1969-04-24 "Go West Young Man" (Scorpio)
1969-07-06 "Newport Jazz Festival" (Fuckin Great)
1969-08-31 "Texas Intl Pop Festival" (Fuckin Great)
1969-12-06 "Final Rendez-vous" (Godfather)
1970-03-27 "First Time at the Forum" (TCOLZ)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival" (Fuckin Great)
1970-08-31 "Just the Crowd And..." (Empress Valley) [upgrade]
1970-09-19 "One More For the Road" (Boogie Mama)
1971-09-09 "Hampton Roads Coliseum" (Scorpio)
1971-09-13 "Berkley Daze 1st Night" (Godfather)
1971-09-23 "A Young Persons Guide Vol 2" (Empress Valley)
1971-12-02 "Starkers Royal Ballroom" (Fuckin Great)
1972-02-19 "Memorial Drive Adelaide" (Fuckin Great)
1972-02-20 "Kooyong Tennis Courts" (Fuckin Great)
1973-03-21 "In Concert Hamburg" (Fuckin Great)
1973-03-27 "Summer Colored Nancy" (Wendy)
1973-06-03 "Forum Inglewood" (Fuckin Great)
1973-07-07 "Chicago Stadium" (Fuckin Great)
1975-01-20 "Cryin Won't Help You" (Empress Valley)
1975-01-22 "Blues Brothers" (Empress Valley)
1977-04-27 "Destroyer" (Eelgrass)
1977-06-07 "Live in New York City" (Fuckin Great)
1977-06-22 "Second Night at the Forum" (Scorpio)
1977-07-23 "Confusion" (LZ)
1980-06-20 "Dinosaurs That Rock" (Boogie Mama)
1980-07-07 "Bonzo's Last Stand" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Campaign 1972" (Tarantura) [upgraded scans]
Compilations "Detroit and San Francisco 69" (Fuckin Great)
Compilations "Drive Me Insane" (Scorpio) [Fillmore East 1969 shows]
Compilations "Soundboard Platter" (Fuckin Great)
Compilations "Ultimate BBC" (Classical)
Compilations "Welcome Back" (Godfather) [box set]
   1972-06-22 "Berdu"
   1972-06-25 "Night at the Heartbreak Hotel"
   1972-06-27 "Wild Beach Party"
Outtakes "Bombay Sessions 1972" (Fuckin Great)
Outtakes "Demo & Studio" (Fuckin Great)
Outtakes "Studio Magik" (Godfather) [box set]

2014-05-26 NEW ART

1969-01-23 "Boston Tea Party" (Fuckin Great)
1969-02-14 "Thee Image Club" (Fuckin Great)
1969-10-30 "Kleinhans Music Hall" (Fuckin Great)
1969-11-05 "Memorial Hall" (Fuckin Great)
1970-01-08 "Live at Colston Hall" (Fuckin Great)
1970-02-23 "Helskinki Kulturhuest 1970" (Fuckin Great)
1970-03-10 "Musikhalle Hamburg" (Fuckin Great)
1970-03-28 "Dallas Memorial Auditorium" (Fuckin Great)
1970-04-05 "Civic Center" (Fuckin Great)
1970-04-09 "Curtis Hixon Hall" (Fuckin Great)
1970-08-21 "Assembly Center" (Fuckin Great)
1970-08-31 "Milwaukee Arena" (Fuckin Great)
1970-09-02 "Oakland Coliseum" (Fuckin Great)
1970-09-09 "Boston Garden" (Fuckin Great)
1971-08-07 "Monteux 1971" (Fuckin Great)
1971-09-03 "Madison Square Garden" (Fuckin Great)
1971-09-04 "Maple Leaf Gardens" (Empress Valley)
1971-09-07 "Boston Garden" (Fuckin Great)
1971-11-11 "City Hall Newcastle" (Fuckin Great)
1972-02-27 "Sydney Showground" (Fuckin Great)
1972-02-29 "Brisbane Festival Hall" (Fuckin Great)
1972-05-27 "Oude Rai" (Fuckin Great)
1972-05-28 "Vorst Nationaal" (Fuckin Great)
1972-06-09 "Charlotte Coliseum" (Fuckin Great)
1973-07-09 "St. Paul Civic Center" (Fuckin Great)
1973-07-20 "Boston Garden" (Fuckin Great)
1975-01-12 "Vorst Nationaal" (Fuckin Great)
1975-01-20 "Chicago Stadium" (Fuckin Great)
1975-01-31 "Olympia Stadium" (Fuckin Great)
1975-02-07 "MSG 75" (Fuckin Great)
1975-02-08 "Spectrum Philadelphia" (Fuckin Great)
1975-02-10 "Capital Centre" (Fuckin Great)
1975-02-13 "No Audio Fatigue" (No Label)
1975-03-12 "Civic Arena" (Fuckin Great)
1977-04-06 "Chicago Stadium" (Fuckin Great)
1977-04-09 "Chicago Stadium" (Fuckin Great)
1977-06-14 "Madison Square Garden" (Fuckin Great)
Compilations "Various Venues 69" (Fuckin Great)
Compilations "Throwing the Wild Seeds" (Godfather) [box]
   1975-02-13 "Led Faces Over the Coliseum"
   1975-02-14 "A Few Hours With St. Valentine"
Vinyl "Custard Pie (47)"
Page Plant Compilations Montreaux 2001 "Good Rockin Tonight" (Fuckin Great)
Plant 2012-08-12 "Alabama Theater" (No Label)

2013-05-04 NEW ART

1969-01-26 "Boston Tea Party" (Collector's Choice)
1969-08-31 "Texas Int'l Pop Festival" (TCOLZ)
1969-11-06 "Final Winterland" (TCOLZ)
1969-12-06 "No Cancellation" (Akashic)
1969-12-06 "Piston 70" (No Label)
1969-12-06 "Piston 70" (No Label2)
1970-01-08 "Out of the Bristol Tale" (TCOLZ)
1971-08-31 "Live in Orlando" (No Label)
1971-09-29 "Cellarful of Noise" (No Label)
1973-05-23 "University Arena" (Collector's Choice)
1973-07-06 "Chicago Stadium" (No Label)
1975-01-20 "Finger Flu" (TCOLZ)
1975-02-12 "Four Blocks in the Snow" (TCOLZ)
1975-03-21 "Long Drive to Seattle" (TCOLZ)
1975-03-27 "We're Playing Our Balls Out" (TCOLZ)
1977-04-23 "How Many Years Gone With The Wind" (TCOLZ)
1977-07-23 "A Quiet Before the Storm" (TCOLZ)
1979-07-24 "Copenhagen 2nd Night" (No Label(
1980-06-17 "Dortmund" (No Label2)
1980-06-20 "Raid Over Brussels" (TCOLZ)
1980-06-26 "Vienna" (No Label)
Outtakes "Bombay Sessions" (No Label2)
Outtakes "With Roy Harper" (No Label)
Plant 2002-11-10 "Helsinki 2002" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-03 "Villa Marina First Night" (No Label)
Plant 2012-05-08 "Guildhall in Gloucester" (No Label)
Plant 2012-07-12 "HMV Forum" (No Label)
Plant 2012-07-29 "BBC Radio" (No Label)
Plant 2012-10-20 "Belo Horizonte 2012" (No Label)
Plant 2012-10-20 "Voice of Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
Plant 2012-10-22 "Sao Paulo 2012" (No Label)
Video LZ VHS "The Collection" (Toasted)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "Return of the Dinosaurs" (Genuine Masters)

2012-09-19 NEW ART

1969-04-27 "Avocado Blues" (Liquid Led)
1969-10-10 "One Night Stand In Paris" (TCOLZ)
1973-01-22 "Upon Request" (Liquid Led)
1973-07-13 "White Whale" (Liquid Led)
1975-03-12 "Millard's Long Beach 2nd Night" (No Label)
1975-03-12 "Snowblind" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-20 "Snowblind" (No Label)
1975-03-20 "Canadian Crush" (Liquid Led)
1975-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (No Label2)
1977-05-18 "John Paul Jones Secret Weapon" (No Label)
1977-06-11 "Too Many Heinekens" (No Label)
1977-06-13 "Central London Blues" (No Label)
1977-07-20 "Pride of Chelsea" (No Label)
PP 1995-04-25 "Live at Riverfront Coliseum" (No Label)
PP 1995-06-12 "Toulouse 95" (No Label)
PP 1995-06-16 "Brussels 95" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-09 "Belfort 95" (No Label)
PP 1995-09-29 "Live at Tingley Coliseum" (No Label)
PP 1995-10-16 "Live at Gund Arena" (No Label)
PP 1995-10-26 "MSG 1st Night" (No Label)
Plant 1993-05-29 "Vienna" (No Label)
Plant 2000-05-20 "Frome" (No Label)
Plant 2008-05-13 "Le Grand Rex" (No Label)
Plant 2010-10-24 "Paris" (No Label)
Plant 2011-08-02 "Warsaw" (No Label)
Video Plant Compilations "The Showman Must Go On" (No Label)

2012-01-31 NEW ART

1970-03-27 "The Man Who Made Rock" (No Label)
1973-05-13 "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (Cosmic Top Secret)
1973-07-06 "No Need To Be Fighting" (No Label)
Outtakes "Studio Gems Vol 3" (Kobra)
Reunions O2 2007 "Night of the Century Rehearsals" (Godfather)
Reunions O2 2007 "Final Rehearsal" (No Label)
Page Firm 1984-11-29 "Stockholm" (No Label2)
Page Firm 1984-12-15 "Ludwigshafen" (No Label)
Page Firm 1985-05-22 "London England" (No Label)
Page Firm 1986-03-21 "Providence" (No Label)
Page Firm 1986-05-26 "Concord Second Night" (No Label)
Page 1988-10-19 "Emerald Finger" (Gypsy Eye)
Plant 2006-07-10 "Somerset House" (No Label)
Plant 2011-02-07 "Joy to Charlotte" (No Label)
Plant 2011-04-20 "Seattle Paramount Theater" (No Label)
Plant 2011-05-01 "Merlefest 2011" (No Label)
Plant 2011-06-15 "St. Louis 2011" (No Label)
Plant 2011-08-05 "A Feast of Friends" (Godfather)
Video Plant 2011-08-03 "Berlin" (No Label)

2011-07-10 NEW ART

1970-06-28 "Boy Next Door" (No Label)
1971-11-25 "Leicaster Daze" (House of Elrond)
1971-09-29 "Spirited Away" (No Label)
1973-03-21 "Mercy on Me" (No Label)
1973-03-24 "Now is the Time of Reckoning" (No Label)
1973-07-12 "Cobo Hall" (No Label)
1973-07-15 "Shuffle Off To Buffalo" (No Label)
1975-03-17 "Haven't We Met Somewhere" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-17 "Godfathers of Grunge" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "For Trainspotters Only" (No Label)
PP 1995-02-26 "Pensacola" (No Label)
PP 1995-03-14 "Houston" (No Label)
PP 1995-03-18 "Dallas" (No Label)
PP 1995-04-10 "Live at the Boston Garden" (No Label)
PP 1995-04-28 "First Chicago Night" (No Label)
PP 1995-06-29 "Roskilde Festival" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-02 "Rock Over Germany" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-09 "Eurockeenes de Belfort" (No Label)
PP 1995-10-06 "Sacramento 1995" (No Label)
PP 1995-10-19 "Buffalo 1995" (No Label)
PP 1996-01-23 "Vina del Mar" (No Label)
PP 1996-02-13 "Allmost Jazz" (No Label)
PP 1996-02-27 "Brisbane" (No Label)
PP 1996-02-29 "In the Evening in Melbourne" (No Label)
PP 1998-03-01 "Heartbreak in Rumania" (No Label)
PP 1998-03-30 "Most High in France" (No Label)
PP 1998-05-23 "Relaxing All Over" (No Label)
PP 1998-06-13 "Walking Into Everywhere" (No Label)
PP 1998-09-24 "Phoenix Third Eye" (No Label)
PP 1998-11-10 "Walking Into Everywhere" (No Label)
Plant 2011-02-01 "Ramblin On In DC" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-03-01 "Bucharest 1998" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-03-01 "Bucharest Boogie" (Cosmic Energy)

2011-05-21 NEW ART

1970-04-05 "Projectile Dysfunction" (No Label)
1970-08-17 "Hampton" (No Label)
1971-03-21 "Pb" (Wendy)
1971-09-03 "Madison Square Garden 1971" (Wendy)
1971-09-23 "Kids in the Hall" (No Label)
1971-11-11 "Newcastle 1971" (No Label)
1971-11-13 "Scotland 1971" (No Label)
1972-02-20 "Melbourne 1972" (No Label)
1972-02-25 "No Longer Down Under" (Graf Zeppelin)
1972-12-04 "Glasgow 1972" (No Label)
1972-12-12 "Across the Kingdom" (No Label)
1972-12-22 "Alexandra's Hard Rock Band" (No Label)
1973-01-15 "Stoke 1973" (No Label)
1973-07-12 "Detroit Hard Rock City" (Wendy)
1975-01-24 "Pleasurable Moment" (No Label)
1975-02-10 "Heavy Zeppelin" (TCOLZ)
1975-02-13 "Fighting Back at the Coliseum" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-11 "Beachcombers" (No Label)
1975-03-11 "Acme Quaalude" (Tarantura 2000)
1975-05-18 "Femme Fatale" (Wendy)
1977-07-24 "Last Concert in America" (Tarantura 2000)
Compilations "Led Zeppelin" (Rainbow)
Compilations "Scotland 1973" (No Label)
Compilations "Somewhere in 1969" (No Label)
PP 1995-03-04 "Memphis Daze" (No Label2)
PP 1998-09-23 "Close Shave" (Akashic)
PP Compilations "Killer Tracks" (Outrider)
Plant 2011-02-05 "Atlanta" (No Label)
Plant Various "Open Arms" (That's Life)
Video LZ DVD Earl's Court "In the Court of King James" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ DVD Seattle "Live in Seattle" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-03-01 "Live in Bucharest" (No Label)

2010-12-12 NEW ART

1969-01-23 "Whiskey and Tea" (No Label)
1969-02-14 "Bells & Howls" (No Label)
1970-01-08 "Bristol Bombers" (No Label)
1970-04-07 "Carolina Hurricane" (No Label)
1970-08-28 "Detroit" (No Label)
1970-09-19 "Funeral For A Friend" (No Label)
1971-03-06 "Turning Guiness Into Gold" (No Label)
1971-09-29 "Live in Japan 1971" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-17 "V.5" (Empress Valley)
1975-02-08 "Broad Street Bullies" (No Label)
1975-02-12 "Physical Riffiti" (No Label and No Label2)
1975-02-14 "Throwing the Wild Seeds" (No Label)
1977-06-07 "Magical Sound Boogie" (Empress Valley)
1977-06-07 "Treading the Boards" (No Label)
1977-06-10 "Garden Tapes" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Get the Led Out" (Tarantura 2000)
   1972-06-14 "Ultimate Power Blues"
   1972-06-15 "Willie and the Hand Jive"
Compilations "Valkyrie's Vigil" (Tarantura 2000)
   1969-03-14 "Plays Gothic Blues"
   1969-10-10 "In The Act of Invoking The Spirit"
   1971-04-01 "Never Was Angel in Heaven"
   1973-01-22 "In The Old Refectory"
Video LZ DVD Misc "Assemblage II" (Cosmic Energy)
Video LZ DVD Misc "Reunions Full Circle" (Cosmic Energy)
Page The Firm 1985-05-20 Edinburgh "Playhouse Theatre" (No Label)
Plant 2010-09-12 NYC "Bowery Ballroom" (No Label)

2010-09-08 NEW ART

Special thanks to the artists and contributors at
1968-12-30 "Gonzaga University" (No Label)
1969-01-09 "Fillmore West" (No Label)
1970-01-09 "Jimmy's Birthday Party" (No Label)
1970-03-12 "The Baron" (No Label)
1970-04-07 "Raleigh NC" (No Label)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival 40th Anniversay" (No Label)
1970-06-28 "Bath Reissue" (Empress Valley)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival 1970" (Wendy)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival" (BootlegCoverArt)
1971-09-27 "Unverified Low Gen Cassettes" (Dadgad)
1971-11-11 "Good Bad or Indifferent 2nd Edition" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-01-07 "Oxford Blues" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-01-14 "Good Evening Liverpool" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-01-15 "Bringer of War" (Liquid Led)
1973-01-15 "Trentham Gardens" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-01-27 "From Boleskin to the Alamo" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-01-28 "Hail to the King" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-01-30 "Plant's Influenza" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-14 "Nuremberg 1973" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-16 "Danke Vienna" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-17 "Pure Percy" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-19 "Dancing Days in Berlin" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-21 "Hamburg 73" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-22 "It's Been Very Nice" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-24 "Sharing the Custard Pie" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-03-27 "Heavy Machinery" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-04-02 "Vive Le Zeppelin" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-05-05 "Pigeon Blood" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-05-13 "Mobile Bertha" (BootlegCoverArt)
1973-06-02 "Kezar Stadium" (No Label2)
1975-02-14 "St. Valentines Day Massacre" (BootlegCoverArt)
1975-03-19 "Rocky Mountain Hop" (Godfatherecords)
1975-03-21 "Having a Fit" (Tarantura 2000)
1975-03-24 "Dazed and Confused in LA" (BootlegCoverArt)
1975-03-25 "Stairway to LA" (BootlegCoverArt)
1975-03-27 "Song Remains the Same in LA" (BootlegCoverArt)
1975-05-25 "Keep Taking the Pills" (No Label)
1977-06-21 "Listen to This Eddie Definitive Edition" (Jelly Roll)
1977-07-24 "States End" (BootlegCoverArt)
1979-07-23 "Melancholy Danish Pageboys" (BootlegCoverArt)
1979-07-24 "Copenhagen Warmups" (BootlegCoverArt)
Compilation "Elvis Presley Has Just Left the Building" (BootlegCoverArt)
Outtakes "Antrabata Sessions" (BootlegCoverArt)
PP 1995-03-03 "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (BootlegCoverArt)
PP 1998-03-30 "In the French Light" (BootlegCoverArt)
Plant 2010-07-31 "Bayfront Park" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Earls Court "Earls Court Supreme Edition" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "Knebworth Festival" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD O2 "O2 Arena London" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD Various "Block's Standalone Masters Vol 1" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD Various "Led Zeppelin & Robert Plant" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD Various "Led Zeppelin & Related Clips Vols 1-2" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video LZ DVD Various "Remains of Albion" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video PP 1998-03-25 "Shepherd's Bush Empire" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video PP 1998-11-13 "Live in Vienna" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video PP 1998-11-17 "Live in Prague" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video PP Compilations "Clips Vol 1-2" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video PP Compilations "Euro TV Vol 1-4" (BootlegCoverArt)
Video Plant 2008-06-10 "Raising Sand Tour" (BootlegCoverArt)

2010-05-25 NEW ART

1969-04-24 "Dancing Avocado" (Godfatherecords)
1969-08-31 "Texas Blues" (Godfatherecords)
1969-10-10 "Olympia" (Godfatherecords)
1969-11-06 "Sonic Youth" (No Label)
1970-01-10 "Royal Albert Hall - The Initial Tapes" (Godfatherecords)
1970-03-10 "Hamburger Helper" (No Label)
1970-09-04 "Heavy Vibraphones" (No Label)
1971-09-23 "Ladies And Gentlemen..This is Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
1972-02-19 "Adelaide Revival" (Godfatherecords)
1973-01-14 "Please Open the Door and Let Me In" (Beelzebub)
1973-01-15 "Stroke in Stoke" (No Label)
1973-05-13 "May Daze" (Beelzebub)
1975-02-12 "That's Alright New York" (Godfatherecords)
1975-02-28 "Rampaging Cajun" (Eelgrass)
1975-03-11 "American Return" (Godfatherecords)
1977-05-26, 1977-06-11 "Strange Tales From the Road" (Godfatherecords)
1977-07-17 "Conquering Kingdome" (Godfatherecords)
1979-08-04 "Parklife" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-25 "Wembley 1995" (No Label)
Plant 1988-05-23 "Live at the Spectrum" (No Label2)
Plant 1988-10-30 "Worcester 1988" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-30 "Zenith de Pau" (No Label)
JPJ 2010-01-23 TCV "Melbourne" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Various "Videos Remain the Same" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-03-17 "Little Rock" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-09-24 "Mexico City" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-03-01 "Sala Polivalenta" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-12-02 "Oberhausen" (No Label)

2010-02-15 NEW ART

1968-12-30 "Live Spokane" (No Label)
1969-01-11 & 4-24-69 "Early Ramshackle Days" (Beelzebub)
1969-05-27 "Legendary Boston Tea Party" (Empress Valley)
1970-03-25 "Denver 1970" (No Label)
1971-11-20 "Empire Strikes Back" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-07-15 "Slowing Down in Buffalo" (TCOLZ)
1975-02-28 "Just Another Fucking Tape" (No Label)
1975-02-28 "Rampaging Cajun" (Empress Valley)
1975-02-28 "Rampaging Cajun" (No Label1)
1975-02-28 "Rampaging Cajun" (No Label2)
Compilations "Complete 1977 LA Forum Tapes" (Empress Valley)
Reunions "Echoes BBC Interviews" (No Label)
Plant 1990-05-04 "Dusseldorf" (No Label2)
Page Various "Zig Zag Interviews" (No Label)
JPJ 2009-08-30 TCV "Rock En Seine" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Work in Progress" (No Label)
Video PP 2005-02-28 "Atlanta" (No Label)
Video Page "Tour for ARMS NY" (No Label)
Video JPJ 2007-05-10 "Madcaps Last Laugh" (No Label)
Video JPJ 2007-07-30 "Modigliana Piazza" (No Label) [with Robyn Hitchcock]
Video JPJ 2009-12-08 TCV "Cologne" (No Label)
Video JPJ "Jonseys Turn" (No Label)

2009-12-12 NEW ART

1970-07-19 "Achtung Baby" (No Label)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival" (No Label2)
1970-09-04 "Sweeter Blueberry" (No Label)
1971-09-06 "Killing Floor 1971" (TMQ)
1971-09-09 "High Heeled Sneakers" (Godfatherecords)
1971-09-28 "Bachelor Boys First Stand" (Empress Valley)
1971-11-16 "Internationally Famous" (No Label)
1972-02-22 "Lord of the Strings" (No Label)
1972-06-28 "Neath the Arizona Skies" (No Label)
1972-10-10 "Kyoto Accord" (No Label)
1973-01-07 "British Story" (Wendy)
1973-03-21 "Hamburg It's Complete" (Dadgad)
1973-05-14 "Freeze R Burn" (No Label)
1973-07-06 "Windy City Adventure" (Wendy)
1973-07-06 "Sliced and Diced" (No Label)
1973-05-13 "Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" (No Label)
1975-03-11 "Long Beach Californication" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-11 "Long Beach Arena" (No Label3)
1977-04-09 "Page Gets Sick" (No Label)
1977-04-25 "Kentucky Colonels" (No Label)
1977-05-21 "Dragon Snake" (No Label3)
1977-07-24 "Last American Show" (No Label)
PP 1995-05-20 "Old Friends at the Shark Tank" (No Label)
Plant 1993-09-18 "In The Mood" (No Label)
Video Page The Firm 1984-12-09 "Joining Forces" (No Label)
Video Page The Firm 1984-12-09 "Hammersmith Odeon" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-09-25 "Tingley Coliseum" (No Label)
Video JPJ 2009-08-28 TCV "Reading Festival" (No Label)

2009-09-05 NEW ART

1969-01-11 "Hang About" (Liquid Led)
1969-08-31 "Texas Int'l Pop Festival" (No Label)
1969-10-10 "Tres Agreable" (No Label)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival" (No Label)
1970-06-28 "Arizona's Smiling" (No Label)
1970-09-06 "Book 'Em Danno" (No Label)
1971-09-03 "Listen To This Artie" (No Label)
1971-09-04 "Zeptember 4th" (Liquid Led)
1971-09-04 "Maple Leaf Gardens" (No Label
1971-09-23 "This is Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
1971-09-24 "Lost in Translation" (No Label3)
1972-06-28 "Get Back" (Scorpio)
1973-03-21 "In Concert Hamburg (No Label)
1973-07-15 "Buffalo Memorial" (No Label)
1973-07-15 "Another Cup of Tea" (Liquid Led)
1973-07-24 "Bringing Down Three Rives"
1975-02-16 "Better Late Than Never" (Liquid Led)
1977-06-27 "Mike The Mike" (No Label)
1980-06-29 "European Championship" (Blue Congo)
1980-07-07 "Last Show Berlin" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Dynamic Evening" (Liquid Led)
Video LZ DVD "Knebworth Masters" (Golden Dawn)
Video Page 1990-05-16 "Manic Nirvana" (No Label)
Page Various "Jaco Pastorius with Page 84-85" (No Label)
Page Various 1986-08-04 "Page with Safe Sex" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-12 "Exit Festival 2007" (No Label)

2009-05-20 NEW ART

1970-08-21 "Tulsa Symphony" (Wendy)
1970-09-02 "Oakland" (No Label)
1971-04-01 "Paris Theatre" (No Label)
1971-09-24 "Your Time is Gonna Come" (Scorpio)
1971-09-24 "Lost in Translation" (No Label2)
1971-09-27 "Hiroshima" (No Label2)
1971-09-28 "Osaka 3rd Gen" (Dadgad)
1971-09-28 "Osaka DVD Audio" (No Label)
1971-09-29 "Live in Osaka" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-29 "Osaka" (No Label)
1971-09-29 "Osaka" (No Label2)
1971-09-29 "Osaka 92971" (No Label)
1972-02-20 "Melbourne" (No Label)
1972-10-02 "Tokyo" (No Label)
1972-10-03 "Tokyo" (No Label)
1972-10-04 "Osaka" (No Label2)
1972-10-05 "Nagoya" (No Label)
1973-03-24 "Offenburg" (No Label)
1973-07-17 "Good Evening Seattle" (Liquid Led)
1973-07-28 "MSG" (No Label)
1975-02-07 "MSG" (No Label)
1975-02-14 "Glorius Ice Cream" (Beelzebub)
1975-03-11/12 "Bootleg License" (Tarantura 2000)
1975-03-11/12 "Continuous Performances" (Wendy)
1975-03-11 "Spider Web" (No Label)
1975-03-11 "Long Beach CA" (No Label)
1975-03-11 "Long Beach Arena" (No Label2)
1975-03-12 "Dedicated to Anyone Who Got Divorced Today" (TCOLZ)
1975-03-12 "Summer of My Smiles" (Beelzebub)
1975-03-12 "Long Beach 3 Source" (No Label)
1975-03-12 "Long Beach Arena" (No Label)
1975-03-21 "Definitely Seattle" (No Label 3cd)
1975-03-21 "Seattle DVD Rip" (No Label)
1975-03-21 "What the Thunder Said" (No Label)
1975-03-24 "The Forum" (No Label)
1975-03-25 "The Forum" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "Forum 2 Source" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "The Forum" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "The Forum" (No Label2)
1975-03-27 "LA Forum" (No Label)
1975-05-23 "Friday Night Zeppelin Express" (No Label)
1977-06-13 "MSG" (No Label)
1977-06-19 "Mystery Train" (Tarantura 2000)
1977-06-19 "San Diego" (No Label2)
1977-06-22 "The Forum" (No Label)
1977-06-23 "For Badgeholders Only" (SODD)
1977-06-23 "Badgeholder Carl" (Dadgad)
1980-06-17 "Dortmund" (No Label)
Compilations "London Fog" (Liquid Led)
PP 1995-04-29 "Chicago" (No Label)
PP 1995-05-02 "Minneapolis" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-06 "Barcelona" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-08 "Frauenfeld" (No Label)
PP 1995-09-27 "Las Cruces" (No Label)
PP 1998-09-21 "San Diego" (No Label)
Plant 1988-03-26 "Barrowland" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-15 "Tolouse" (No Label)

2009-04-11 NEW ART

[BEGIN Master Archive R5]
1968-12-30 "Gonzaga 1968) (No Label)
1969-03-16 "Denmark Deluxe" (Liquid Led)
1969-04-24 "Fillmore Delight" (Liquid Led)
1969-08-31 "Houston Blues" (Alternative Edge)
1969-10-10 "Olympia" (Godfatherecords)
1970-03-21 "Pure Blues" (Liquid Led)
1971-04-01 "London Calling" (Liquid Led)
1971-09-24 "Lost in Translation"(No Label)
1973-05-26 "Salt Lake On My Mind" (No Label)
1975-03-05 "Dallas" (No Label)
Page Plant 2005-07-05 "Le Torero Hallucinogene" (No Label)
Plant 2003-01-08 "Festival in the Desert" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 Arena "In the Name of the Group" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ DVD Various "Song Remains the Same Fan Edition" (Small Fish)

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