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ZeppelinArt is proud to host the first vinyl artwork archive. Vinyl LP's are where bootlegs began and are an indespensible part of bootleg lore and history. Much thanks to AA at the Led Zeppelin Database for his coordination efforts. Artwork from the collections of Stefan Wolf, George Berberian, Steve Sharpe, Bronwyn Jones, Brian Dupont, Henry von Zeppelin, and others. Much thanks.

NOTE: Vinyl artwork is larger than most consumer flatbed scanners and, as a result, difficult to scan. Therefore, the artwork consists of pictures taken with a digital camera. No attempt has been made to optimize the pictures for printing or appearance. They are presented here in the same resolution and condition as received.

The artwork is presented in simple alphabetical order by title with label if available. Recommended reading for vinyl enthusiasts is "The Illustrated Collector's Guide To Led Zeppelin", 3rd edition, by Robert Godwin, 1990. This book is the most detailed review of vinyl LZ bootlegs published. It was also the last because Godwin's subsequent books covered CD releases only. Unfortunately, the title has long been out of print but copies occasionally surface on ebay or you can try a web search.

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