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This list was replica watch compiled by exhaustive comparison with reputable sources such as BootLedZ, Luis Rey's Led Zeppelin Live, Robert Godwin's Collector's Guides and Duncan Watson's Bootleg database.  New releases are also added from the Underground Uprising and Fisheads web sites.  However, this list is by no means complete and more great artwork is sure to exist.  Please see the Upload Art page for upload instructions.  Thanks for making this site better for Zeppelin fans everywhere. 

Akashic 1975-03-11 Zeppelin L
Akashic studio Meet Led Zeppelin
Beelzebub 1970-07-19 Live On Tour With Led Zeppelin Volume 1
Beelzebub 1970-09-09 Absolute Hysteria
Beelzebub 1970-08-07 Outside The In Door
Beelzebub 1973-01-15 Hot Sticks In Stoke
Beelzebub 1973-03-14 Time I Was On My Way
Beelzebub 1973-03-25 Led Zeppelin Is Genius (inc 5/26/73 and 5/28/73)
Beelzebub 1973-07-20 Thank You and Goodnight, Led Zeppelin Is Gone
Beelzebub 1973-07-24 Good, Good, Steady!
Beelzebub 1973-07-27 A Rock 'N' Roll Institution (inc 7/28 and 7/29)
Beelzebub 1975-05-25 Triumphant
Black Dog Rekords 1969-10-10 Ain't No Fool
Black Dog Rekords 1973-01-22 Mein Kampf
Boleskine House Records 1969-06-27 Led One Hour Radio Special
Boleskine House Records 1969-12-06 This is Jimmy
Boleskine House Records 1970-06-28 In Yokel Mode
Boogie Mama studio In Through the Out Door
Boogie Mama studio Coda Advance Tapes
Boogie Mama studio Alts & Takes Volumes I, II, III
Bumble Bee 1969-04-27 Blue Flame
Cashmere 1977-07-07 An Evening With Led Zeppelin [DVD]
Cobra/Cobla 1969-01-10 For Your Love
Cobra/Cobla 1970-06-28 Bath (CDR release)
Cobra 1996-02-05 The First Day
Cobra 1996-02-06 The Second Day
Countdown Factory studio Studio Works (Page '82 outtakes)
Cyanine 1973-06-02 California Sunlight
Digital Acetate 1971-05-03 Copenhagen '71
Digital Acetate 1972-09-09 Osaka Upgrade
Disc Exploitation 1968-12-30 Little Led Rooster
Disc Exploitation studio Strange Fruits From A Lost Paradise
Disc Exploitation 1972-06-07 Snapper Golden Deluxe
Disc Exploitation 1977-04-23 Ten Years Gone With The Wind
Disc Exploitation 1977-06-11 For Led Heads Only
Disc Exploitation 1977-07-17 I Scream You Scream
Eelgrass 1975-02-13 King's of the Stone Age
Eelgrass 1975-02-14 At Nassau Coliseum
Eelgrass 1975-03-11 Long Beach Californication
Eelgrass 1975-03-17 Haven't We Met Somewhere Before?
Eelgrass 1975-03-20 Snowblind
Eelgrass 1977-05-25 Double Shot I
Eelgrass 1977-05-28 Dragon Slayers
Eelgrass 1977-05-30 Double Shot II
Eelgrass 1977-06-07 Magical Sound Boogie
Eelgrass studio Lost Sessions Vol. 9
Empress Valley 1969-01-12 Fourth Night
Empress Valley 1969-02-14 Thee Image Club
Empress Valley 1969-04-26 Live at Winterland Ballroom (reissues Avocado Club)
Empress Valley 1969-04-27 Live at Fillmore West (reissues Avocado Club)
Empress Valley 1969-08-31 Ladies & Gentlemen
Empress Valley 1969-12-06 Les Rendez-vous de Paris
Empress Valley 1970-01-09 Live at Royal Albert Hall 4CD
Empress Valley 1970-09-02&04 Youth Gone Wild
Empress Valley 1971-03-06 Heavyweight Champion
Empress Valley 1971-05-03 Bringer of War
Empress Valley 1971-09-09 Head Over Heels
Empress Valley 1971-09-23 The DJ of Legend
Empress Valley 1971-09-23 Rock Carnival
Empress Valley 1971-09-27 Live in Japan 1971 (Love and Peace)
Empress Valley 1972-02-19 Shattering Experience
Empress Valley 1972-02-20 So Loud, So Hot
Empress Valley 1972-02-25 Biggest Gathering
Empress Valley 1972-02-27 Pop Goes The Showground
Empress Valley 1972-02-29 Indoor Farewell
Empress Valley 1972-06-27 Burn Like A Candle
Empress Valley 1972-06-28 Burned Out Candle
Empress Valley 1973-01-07 Oxford Midnight
Empress Valley 1973-01-14 Here's One For The M6
Empress Valley 1973-05-13 Speed Freaks
Empress Valley 1975-02-13&14 King's Of The Stone Age
Empress Valley 1975-02-13 Jamming With A Woody
Empress Valley 1977-05-25/30 Double Shot
Empress Valley 1977-05-25&26&28&30 Maryland Moonshine I, II, III, IV
Empress Valley 1977-06-22 Black Satin
Empress Valley 1977-06-23 Magical Sound Boogie
Empress Valley 1977-06-25 Ultimate Cadenza
Empress Valley 1977-06-26 Lazer Pyramid
Empress Valley 1980-06-29 Blitzkrieg Over Zurich
Empress Valley 1980-07-07 Bonzo's Last Stand
Empress Valley Studio Lost Sessions Vol 12
Empress Valley Studio Making of Led Zeppelin II
Empress Valley Studio Led Zeppelin II Multi Track Mixdowns
Empress Valley Rehearsals 2007 Swan Songs
Empress Valley Rehearsals 2007 Final Shepperton Rehearsals
Empress Valley 2000-06-28 Page/Crowes - Pittsburgh
Godfatherrecords 1971-09-14 Berkeley Daze 2nd Night
Godfatherrecords 1972-06-22&25&27 Welcome Back (box)
Godfatherrecords 1973-01-07&14&15&22 Ascention in the Wane (box)
Godfatherrecords 1973-05-28 Quick Diet
Godfatherrecords Studio Studio Magik
Godfatherrecords 1972-06-22&25&27 Welcome Back (box)
Graf Zeppelin 1969-07-06 Newport Jazz Festival 1969
Graf Zeppelin 1969-07-21 Schaefer Music Festival
Graf Zeppelin 1969-07-25 Midwest Rock Festival
Graf Zeppelin 1969-12-06 LZ Au Gala De L'Ecole
Graf Zeppelin 1970-09-02 Return To Blueberry Hill
Graf Zeppelin 1971-08-07 Montreux Casino 1971
Graf Zeppelin 1971-09-03 It's Been A Long Time
Graf Zeppelin 1972-12-16 Live From England 1972
Graf Zeppelin 1973-03-19 Let's Have a Party
Graf Zeppelin 1973-05-31 Bonzo's Birthday Party
Graf Zeppelin 1973-07-12 Detroit Rock City 1973
Hari Kari 1973-01-14 One Day In Liverpool
LZ 1977-07-23 Confusion
Masterport 1969-07-06 Newport Jazz Festival
Medusa studio Dangerous Relation
Mido 1969-03-16 Rock and Roll
Neverland 1971-09-03 Madison Square Garden 1971
Neverland 1973-05-31 Bonzo's Birthday Party
Oiran 1996-02-06 No Quartet-Fantastic Night in Judo Arena
Perfect Stranger 1985-05-22 United Kingdome
Planet X 1995-05-20 Supreme Theater
Pore The Soul 1996-02-05 First Night In Japan 96
Pore The Soul 1996-02-09 The Fourth Night
Pore The Soul 1996-02-12 Evening Custard
Pore The Soul 1996-02-15 Have Mercy Osaka
Pore The Soul 1996-02-20 Going Down To South
Post Script 1971-04-01 Plays Pure Blues (inc 6/27/69)
Racket Queen 2006-03-00 Plant - Alpine Hill DVD
Red Devil 1973-01-15 Stroke In Stoke
Red Sun studio Midnight Outrider (Page outtakes)
Reel Masters 1971-11-20 If Pigs Could Fly
Reel Masters 1972-06-09 Knees Up In Charlotte
Reel Masters 1973-03-21 Guten Tag
Reel Masters 1975-02-12 Keepers of the Seasons
Reel Masters 1979-08-11 In The Field
Rubber Dubber 1972-11-30 Fog on the Tyne
Scorpio 1969 various Drive Me Insane
Scorpio 1969-04-24&27 Go West, Young Man!
Scorpio 1969-10-10&12 Good Times Bad Times
Scorpio 1971-04-01 BBC Archives
Scorpio 1971-09-09 Hampton Roads Coliseum 1971
Scorpio 1971-09-29 Smoke Get In Your Eyes
Scorpio 1973-05-14 Crossroads From New Orleans
Scorpio 1973-07-06 Atrocity Exhibition
Scorpio 1975-01-20 Wanton Song
Scorpio 1975-05-23 Express
Scorpio 1975-05-24 Story So Far DVD
Scorpio 1977-06-11 Fourth Night in the Garden
Scorpio 1977-06-21 Listen To This Eddie [need improved scan]
Scorpio 1977-06-22 Second Night at the Forum
Scorpio 1977-06-23 For Badgeholders Only
Scorpio 1977-06-25 Thank God It's Saturday
Scorpio 1977-07-23&24 Last Performance in the USA
Scorpio 1979-08-11 Knebworth II DVD
Scorpio 2000-07-10 Page/Crowes - Jones Beach DVD
SDR 2006-04-04 Plant - Bright & Strange Golden
SODD 1977-04-27 Destroyer
Tarantura 1972-10-02 The Campaign (need improved scans of entire box set)
Tarantura 1995-03-11 Good Times Bad Times
Tarantura 2000 1968-12-30 Yardbirds Fame
Tarantura 2000 1969-04-25&27
Good Old Led Zeppelin [box]
Tarantura 2000 1969-05-27 Praise Ye the Lord
Tarantura 2000 1969-07-25 I've Got You Under My Skin
Tarantura 2000 1969-08-08 Get High! Be Free!
Tarantura 2000 1969-08-31 Led Zeppelin Eyes Big Crowd
Tarantura 2000 1969-12-06 Seconds After Catching Fire
Tarantura 2000 1970-01-08 A Day Before the Hoochie Coochie Man's B'Day
Tarantura 2000 1970-03-21 Perfect Blues Live!
Tarantura 2000 1971-08-07 Casino
Tarantura 2000 1971-09-29 Live in Japan 1971
Tarantura 2000 1972-06-11 Triangle of Love
Tarantura 2000 1972-06-14&25 Burn That Candle
Tarantura 2000 1972-06-28 LZ Riders in AZ
Tarantura 2000 1973-01-24 Is One For the M6
Tarantura 2000 1973-07-10 Live in Milwaukee
Tarantura 2000 1973-07-17 Performed Live in Seattle
Tarantura 2000 1973-07-28 Towa No Uta
Tarantura 2000 1973-07-29 Last of the 1st
Tarantura 2000 MSG1973 Song Remains the Same
Tarantura 2000 1975-05-17 Chancellor of the Exchequer
Tarantura 2000 1975-05-23 Rites of Manhood
Tarantura 2000 1977-04-25 Oxygen Destroyer
Tarantura 2000 1977-07-07 Fallen Angel
Tarantura 2000 1980-07-03 Mannheim
Tarantura 2000 studio Test Pressing Mix
Tarantura 2000 2007-12-05 Triumphant Rehearsals
TCOLZ 1969-02-01 & 1969-08-18 Complete Rockpile Tapes
TCOLZ 1970-03-27 First Time at the Forum
TCOLZ 1975-01-22 Black & Blue and Snot All Over
TCOLZ 1977-06-14 Final Night at the Garden
TDOLZ 1971-09-23 In Concert (part of Japan '71 9CD Box)
TDOLZ 1971-09-23 Superstars (part of Japan '71 9CD Box)
Teddy Bear 1973-07-17 Cetino Mining Disaster
TMQ 1969-01-29 Killing Floor
TMQ 1969-08-31 Plays Pure Blues Master Series
TMQ 1973-05-31 Bonzo's Birthday Party
Trial 1984-02-26 Plant - Stranger Here
Two Symbols 1995-03-10 Broadcasts
Victory 1993-12-22 Whole Lotta Love
Wendy 1969-03-22 & 1969-05-25 Decree of Love
Wendy 1969-04-24 Black Beauty
Wendy 1969-04-27 Sleeping Beauty
Wendy 1969-11-25 Centralien
Wendy 1970-01-09 Royal Albert Hall 1970
Wendy 1970-02-28 The Nobs Volume One
Wendy 1970-03-07 I Left My Heart In Montreux 1970
Wendy 1970-09-02 Live on Blueberry Hill II
Wendy 1970-09-03 Take My Breath Away
Wendy 1970-09-04 Live on Blueberry Hill Remastered
Wendy 1971-03-05 Back to the Clubs Belfast 1971
Wendy 1971-08-31 Magic Kingdom
Wendy 1971-09-09 Hampton From Your Palm
Wendy 1971-09-29 Regalia 929
Wendy 1971-11-11 Geordie Schooner
Wendy 1972-02-20 On Stage Melbourne
Wendy 1972-02-25 On Stage Auckland
Wendy 1972-02-27 On Stage Sydney
Wendy 1972-06-09 Memories of Charlotte
Wendy 1972-06-25 Burn Like A Candle
Wendy 1972-06-27 How I Won the West
Wendy 1972-06-28 Get Back To Where You Once Belonged
Wendy 1972-10-10 The Old Capital (need upgraded art)
Wendy 1973-03-14 Die Meistersinger Von Nurnberg
Wendy 1973-03-16 Wrench In the Works
Wendy 1973-03-19 Wings of Desire
Wendy 1973-03-27 Summer Colored Nancy
Wendy 1973-05-18 Dallas Triumphant Return
Wendy 1973-07-15 Silly Putty
Wendy 1973-07-17 Performed Live in Seattle
Wendy 1973-07-28 Madison Square Garden deux
Wendy 1973-07-29 Madison Square Garden Trois
Wendy 1975-01-22 Every Picture Tells a Story
Wendy 1975-03-04 Zapruder
Wendy 1975-03-05 Babushka Lady
Wendy 1977-04-27 Destroyers
Wendy 1977-06-10 & 1977-06-23 Relic From a Different Age
Wendy 1980-06-17 Tour Over Dortmund
Wendy 1980-06-24 Tour Over Hannover
Wendy 1980-06-30 Triumph des Willens

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