ZeppelinArt Image Tree

Classic folder tree for image viewing. Expandable / collapsible. Navigate the tree in the left frame, view images in the right. See example below:

The Image Tree is provided as another tool to navigate among the thousands of images. It may be particularly useful for dial-up users since images are only loaded when selected.

Despite the tree having thousands of nodes performance is actually quite fast. For the technically curious, the tree is based on the DeepTree script located at Aurigma Imaging (formerly comobject.net). The tree is based on the v2 File System Demo and is fully compatible with all major browsers. (Note: DeepTree no longer hosted or supported by Aurigma. Script can still be located at other script sites via simple web search.)

Note: Tree will open in new browser window using frames. Also, be aware that hyperlinks within nfo files (used for cross referencing and error correction) do no function properly.