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2006-01-17 NEW ART
[END Master Archvie R3]
1969-07-21 "Woody Woodrocker Show" (Tarantura 2000)
1970-03-07 "Charisma" 3rd Edition (Tarantura 2000)
1970-04-05 "Live At Tear Gassed Place" (Tarantura 2000)
1970-09-04 "Live on Blueberry Hill 35th Anniversary Edition" (Tarantura 2000)
1970-09-19 "Have You Ever Experienced" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-03-05 "Black Helmet" (Sharaku) [inc 1971-03-06]
1971-03-05 "911117 Triumph For Mother" (Tarantura 2000) [inc 1971-03-06]
1971-03-05 "911117 Triumph For Mother" WWI Box (Tarantura 2000) [inc 1971-03-06]
1971-03-05 "Listen To This Murphy" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-03-06 "I Can't Believe It" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-08-07 "Peter's PA" (Black Dog)
1971-08-07 "Going To Montreux" (No Label)
1971-08-07 "Robert Plant Experience" (Dadgad)
1971-09-11 "Giants of the Sky" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-13 "Going To California" 3D Edition (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-13 "Going To California 2 Daze" (Tarantura 2000) [updated jewel case art]
1971-09-14 "Going To California" 3D Edition (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-14 "Going To California" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-02-19 "Voodoo Drive" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-02-25 "Going To Auckland 2nd Edition" (Akashic)
1972-02-27 "Robbers Return" (Sharaku)
1972-10-04 "Dancing Jimmy" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-10-05 "High Noon" (Wendy)
1972-10-09 "My Brain Hurts" 2nd Edition (Tarantura 2000)
1973-01-15 "Soul Brothers" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-07-15 "Slowing Down In Buffalo" (Winston Remasters)
1975-02-16 "St. Louis Blues" (Tisdu)
1975-03-04 "Chasing The Dragon" (Tisdu)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Akashic)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Tisdu)
1977-06-23 "Great Western Forum" (Dadgad)
1980-06-23 "Die Bremer Stadmusikanten" (Wendy)
1980-06-24 "Hannover" (Tarantura 2000)
Compilations "Great Chicago Fire" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Three From 73" (Tisdu)
Compilations "What Jimmy Didn't Do..Done" (Tisdu)
Compilations "Wreckage In Boston" (Tarantura 2000)
Outtakes "Scorpio Rising" (Akashic)
PP 1995-03-04 "Memphis Daze" (No Label)
Page 1988-10-28 "Pure Blues Anthem" (Tarantura 2000)
Plant 2005-06-09 "Live au 104" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-21 "Dijon" (No Label)
Video LZ VCD Seattle "Kingdome" (Madmanding)
Video PP 1998-11-23 "Munich" (No Label)
Video Plant 2003-07-18 "Festival de Gaou"

2005-12-31 NEW ART
1971-08-22 "Firecracker's Explosions" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-13 "Alabama Getaway" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ DVD "1969 DVD Compilation" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "1970 DVD Compilation" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Danish TV" (No Label)
Video LZ VCD Earl's Court "Electric Magic" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "It's Only Rock And Roll" (Fourth Dimension) (Hall of Fame & Montreux 2001)
Video LZ DVD "Hall of Fame" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Seattle Kingdome" (No Label) (three versions)
Video LZ DVD "MSG 77" (Pandora)
Video LZ DVD "Royal Albert Hall" (Pandora)
Video LZ DVD Earl's Court "Your Mother Wouldn't Like It" (No Lable)
Video LZ DVD "Legends of Rock" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "DVD Premiere Version" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Studio Masters" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Making of a Supergroup" (Chrome Dreams)
Video LZ DVD "BBC Zep" (Genuine Masters)
Video PP 1995-03-01 Atlanta "Together Again" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-03-22 "Landover" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-03-27 "Toronto 1995" (DWTW Productions)
Video PP 1995-06-16 Brussels "Forest National" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-10-03 "Irvine Live 95" (Pandora)
Video PP 1995-03-11 New Orleans "Lakefront Arena" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-12-10 "Amnesty International" (Image Ent)(need improved scan)
Video PP Compilations "No Quarter Unledded" (No Label)
Video PP Compilations "Good Rockin' Tonight" (Image Ent) (need improved scan)
Video PP Compilations "Japanese TV" (No Label)
Video PP Compilations "Jools Holland Later" (Hercules)
Video PP Compilations "Pensacola Rehearsals" (No Label)
Video Page Solo Phoenix 88 "On Fire In Mesa" (No Label)
Video Page Page Crowes 1999-10-09 "NetAid" (No Label)
Video Page "ARMS London" various covers
Video Page "ARMS Concert" (RSVP)
Video Page "ARMS San Francisco" various covers
Video Page The Firm 1986-05-02 "Detroit" (No Label) (two versions)
Video Page The Yardbirds "Beat Beat Beat" (No Label) (two versions)
Video Page The Yardbirds "Video Anthology" (No Label)
Video Page Plant Compilations "1989-2002 DVD Compilation" (No Label)
Video JPJ 1999-10-25 "Live at the Showbox" (No Label) (two versions)
Video Plant 1994-01-22 "Rio" (No Label)
Video Plant 2002-02-09 London "Teenage Cancer Trust" (No Label) (two versions)
Video Plant 2002-06-02 London "Storytellers" (Pandora)
Video Plant 2002-06-02 London "Storytellers" UK Version (No Label)
Video Plant 2002-11-14 "Moscow" & "Moscow Press Conference" (No Label)
Video Plant 2003-08-14 "Kiev" & "Kiev Press Conference" (No Label)
Video Plant 2005-02-19 "Oxfam Revisited" (Bluidmerl)
Video Plant Compilations "Prince's Trust Rock Gala" (MGM)

2005-12-11 NEW ART
1969-01-31 - 1969-02-01 "In The Heat Of The Night" (Beelzebub)
1969-08-18 "Live In Toronto" (Digital Acetate)
1970-03-07 "Intimidator" Reissue (Empress Valley)
1970-03-12 "Loreley" (Moonraker)
1971-05-03 "Wonderful Copenhagen" (Wendy)
1971-08-07 "Peter's PA" (No Label)
1971-09-13/14 "Going To California" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-14 "Going To California" (Dadgad)
1971-09-23 "Tokyo Tapes" (Empress Valley)
1972-02-27 "Rumble In Sydney" (Further Along)
1972-06-11 "Baltimore 1972" (Wardour)
1972-12-22 "Alexandra Night" (Right Stuff)
1973-03-16 "Matrix Leded" (Tarantura 2000)
1979-08-04 "Thanks For Eleven Years" (Winston Remasters)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol. 8" (Empress Valley)
Page Plant 1995-05-27 "The Gorge Ampitheatre" (No Label)
Page Plant 1995-07-09 "Belfort" Eurokenes Festival (No Label)
Page-Crowes 1999-10-16 "Stone The Crows" (Zeus)
Plant 2005-06-29 "Nashville" (Bluidmerl)
Plant 2005-07-16 "Las Vegas" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-05 Chicago "Hurrican Katrina Benefit" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-27 "Edinburgh" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-30 "The Sage Gateshead" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-24 "Frankfurt" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-25 "Munich" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Destroyer" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Spring Clean For The June Queen" (No Label)

2005-10-29 NEW ART
1969-01-10 "For Your Love" (No Label)
1969-04-24 "Listen To The Difference" (Empress Valley)
1969-06-16 "Aeolin Hall" (No Label)
1971-08-07 "Casino Royale" (Empress Valley)
1972-10-09 "Stand By Me" (Wendy)
1972-12-23 "Disturbance House" (Wendy)
1973-07-06 "Sweet Dreams" Limited Edition (Empress Valley)
1977-06-11 "Four Source Merge" (No Label)
1980-06-18 "Live Omega" (No Label)
Compilations "Minnesota Blues" (Azija)
Outtakes "The Smithereens" (Akashic)
Page Plant 1995-05-01 "Tour 95" (No Label)
Page Plant 1995-06-15 "Whole Lotta Love" (Sonic Zoom)
Plant 2005-04-04 "Teenage Cancer Trust" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-06 "Berlin Columbiahalle" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-18 "Stockholm" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-20 "BBC2" (No Label)
Plant 2005-05-12 "Trafic Musique" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-10 "Ottawa" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-02 "LA Wiltern" (No Label)
Video Led Zep DVD "Earls Court 1975" (Zepstore)
Video Led Zep DVD Genuine Masters "Final Court" (GM)
Video PP 1995-09-25 "Alburquerque" (No Label)
Video Plant 2000-09-20 Rome "Enzimi Festival" (No Label)
Video Plant 2005-06-26 New York "Beacon Theater" (Bluidmerl)
Video Plant "TV Appearances 2005" (Penguin)
Video Plant "TV Appearances 2005" (Bluidmerl)
Video JPJ 1999-10-25 Seattle "Live at the Showbox" (No Label)

2005-09-29 NEW ART
1970-04-18 "Phoenix" (Electric Magic)
1971-08-07 "Peter's PA" (Small Fish)
1971-09-06 "Boston Garden Party" (Magnificent)
1971-09-13 "California Stampede" (Magnificent)
1971-07-05 "Velodromo Milano" (No Label)
1971-11-20 "Electric Magic Show" (Electric Magic)
1973-03-22 "Essentially Led Complete" (Live Remains)
1973-05-13 "Mobile Alabama" (No Label)
1973-07-06 "Sweet Dreams" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-07 "Untouchable" (Electric Magic)
1973-07-17 "Afterburner" (Cashmere)
1973-07-27 "Garden Tapes Vol 1" (No Label)
1973-07-28 "Garden Tapes Vol 2" (No Label)
1973-07-29 "Garden Tapes Vol 3" (No Label)
1975-05-24 "Earl's Court Incident" (Red Devil)
1975-05-25 "Earl's Court Incident" (Red Devil)
1977-04-28 "Return of Destroyer" (Live Remains)
1977-05-21 "The Drum N Bass Show" (Beelzebub)
Compilations "Big Apple's Garden" (No Label) [New York '77]
Compilations "Heaven Can Wait" (Limes) [upgrade, need show date]
Page 1999-10-18 "Live At The Greek" (SPV)
Plant 1983-12-12 "First Night In Hammersmith" (No Label)
Plant 2001-07-07 "Montreux Jazz Festival" (No Label) w/ Jimmy Page
Plant 2002-06-22 "BBC Radio 2" (No Label)
Plant 2002-09-15 "Austin City Limits" (No Label2)
Plant 2003-07-11 "Festa Di Liberzione" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-09 "Studio 104" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-15 "Providence Performing Arts Center" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-06 "Hey Hey Toronto" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-10 "Didn't Know I Could Do That" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-29 "Womad" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-12 "Bell Centre" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-12 "This Is Not a Rod Stewart Moment" (No Label)

2005-09-02 NEW ART
1969-07-21 "HaHaHaHaHa" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-10-02 "Far East Side Story" (Wendy)
1972-12-22 "Riot House" (Wendy)
1973-05-05 "Top of the World" (Badgeholders)
1973-07-20 "Boston Cream Pie" (Empress Valley)
1975-02-28 "Battle of Baton Rouge" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-11 "California Sunshine" (Badgeholders)
1977-05-21 "The Dragon Snake" (Eelgrass)
1977-05-26 "Matrixing Maryland" (Smallfish)
Outtakes "Lost Mixes EP Vol. 7" (Empress Valley)
Page-Plant 1995-10-15 "Palace at Auburn Hills" (No Label)
Page-Plant 1998-06-02 "Walking Into Nashville" (No Label2)
Page-Crowes 2000-07-06 "Bring It Home To Nissan" (J&J)
Plant 2005-04-01 "Carling Academy" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-06 "Columbiahalle Berlin" (No Label)
Plant 2005-05-23 "New York" XM Radio (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-19 "Atlantic City" (No Label1)
Plant 2005-06-19 "Atlantic City" (No Label2)
Plant 2005-07-06 "Live in Toronto" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-06 "Molson Amphitheatre" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-09 "Chicago" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-10 "Minneapolis" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-12 "Denver" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-19 "Oakland" (No Label)
Video Led Zeppelin DVD Knebworth "Secrets Revealed" (Watchtower)
Video Led Zeppelin GM "Court Jesters" (Genuine Masters)
Video Led Zeppelin GM "Supersonic Seattle" (Genuine Masters)
Video Page-Plant Compilations "Pensacola Rehearsals" (RSVP)
Video Page-Plant Compilations "Bizarre Festival" (No Label)
Video Page-Crowes 1999-10-09 "NetAid" (RSVP)
Video Page-Crowes 1999-10-18 "Greek Deluxe Edition" (RSVP)
Video Page-Crowes 1999-10-19 "Greek Deluxe Edition" (RSVP)
Video Plant 06-11-05 "46664 Benefit" (Bluidmerl)

2005-07-28 NEW ART
1969-06-24 "Dancing Avocado Supreme Edition" (Small Fish)
1970-04-07 "World Champion Drummer" (Empress Valley)
1970-06-28 "Bath Festival" (Empress Valley)
1973-01-15 "Vodoo In The Gardens" (Winston Remasteres)
1973-05-19 "Mr. Sandman" (No Label)
1973-07-20 "Wild and Relatively Mellow" (Badgeholders)
1975-03-04 "Live In Dallas" (Golden Stars)
1975-03-12 "Mike The Mike" (Winston Remasters)
1975-05-24 "2405 Matrix" (Small Fish)
1977-05-21 "The Dragon Snake" (Empress Valley)
1977-06-21 "Mike The Mike" (Winston Remasters)
Compilations "Whole Lotta Rock" (Metal)
Video LZ DVD "Burn Like A Candle" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Memorial Adelaide" (Genuine Masters)
Page Various "Liberty Bell" (Vivid Sounds)
Page Various "One More Check" (Tarantura)
Plant 1985-09-08 "Birmingham 1985" (No Label)
Plant 1986-03-12 "Leeds University" (No Label)
Plant 1990-12-15 "Wolverhampton" (No Label)
Plant 1993-12-22 "Wolverhampton" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-17 "Apologize For Sexist Statements" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-17 "Fleet Boston Pavilion" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-22 "Darby PA" (No Label)
Plant Video 2005-02-19 "Oxfam Crisis In Asia"

2005-06-24 NEW ART
1969-04-24 "Dancing Avacado" (Small Fish)
1970-02-28 "The Nobs" (No Label)
1971-09-14 "Going To California" (Small Fish)
1971-09-29 "How The East Was Won" (No Label)
1971-11-20 "Electric Magic Show" (Small Fish)
1972-02-27 "Sydney Showgrounds" (No Label)
1972-06-14 "Nassau County Coliseum" (No Label)
1972-06-18 "Ahead & After" (Empress Valley) [inc 1971-08-23 and PP 1994-08-25]
1972-06-28 "Tempest Before The Storm" (No Label)
1973-03-14 "Nuremburg Rally" (No Label)
1973-03-24 "Offenbach 73" (No Label)
1973-05-05 "Tampa 73" (No Label)
1973-05-26 "Salt Lake City 1973"
1973-05-28 "San Diego Sports Arena" (No Label)
1973-06-03 "Los Angeles Forum" (No Label)
1973-07-17 "Seattle Slew" (No Label)
1973-07-23 "Baltimore Civic Center" (No Label)
1975-01-12 "Voorst National" (No Label)
1975-01-25 "Straight No Chaser" (No Label)
1975-01-29 "Greensboro 1975" (No Label)
1975-02-06 "Long Live The Mellotron" (No Label)
1975-02-10 "Presenting Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
1975-02-28 "Jimmy Lori Robert Audrey" (No Label)
1975-03-15 "Dallas 1975" (No Label)
1975-03-21 "At The Top Of Their Game" (Small Fish)
1975-03-27 "Los Angeles 1975" (No Label)
1975-05-17 "Earl's Court 1975" (No Label)
1975-05-24 "Earl's Court 1975" (No Label)
1975-05-25 "Earl's Court 1975" (No Label)
1977-04-03 "Oklahoma City 1977" (No Label)
1977-04-06 "Chicago Stadium" (No Label)
1977-04-10 "Chicago 1977" (No Label)
1977-04-23 "Gone With The Wind" (No Label)
1977-04-30 "Pontiac Silverdome 1977" (No Label)
1977-05-18 "Birmingham 1977" (No Label)
1977-05-26 "Zeppelin Attack" (No Label)
1977-07-20 "Over And Out Of It In Tempe" (No Label)
1977-07-23 "Oakland 1977" (No Label)
1977-07-24 "The Last Hurrah" (No Label)
1980-06-17 "Dortmund 1980" (No Label)
1980-06-27 "Nuremburg 80" (No Label)
Outtakes "Bombay 1972" (No Label)
Outtakes "Clearwell Castle" (No Label)
Outtakes "Headley Grange Sessions" (No Label)
Plant 1983-12-13 "Treat Her Right" (Wardour)
Plant 2005-04-06 "Shining Around In Berlin" (Witchmoon)
Plant 2005-06-09 "Paris Radio" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Knebworth Festival" (No Label)

2005-06-04 NEW ART
1969-01-23 "Whiskey And Tea Party" (Ocean Recording)
1970-03-07 "We're Gonna Groove" (Scorpio)
1970-09-04 "Good Times In LA" (Beelzebub)
1970-09-04 "Return To Blueberry Hill" (Scorpio) [upgrade]
1971-04-01 "Return To Paris Theatre" (Scorpio) [upgrade]
1971-04-01 "Live In London" (Sidewalk)
1971-04-01 "Ultimate BBC Collection" (Home) [inc 1969-06-27]
1972-06-15 "Whole Lotta Led" (Badgeholders) [inc 1972-06-14]
1972-10-10 "Live In Kyoto Miyabi" (Cobra)
1973-03-16 "Remains Of The Holy" (Cashmere)
1973-03-16 "Zig Zag Zep" (Tarantura)
1973-07-06 "Check It Out" (Antrabata)
1973-07-15 "Outrageous Live" (Zoso's Company)
1973-07-28 "It Doesn't Get Any Cooler" (Dadgad)
1973-07-28 "Wizardry" (Joker)
1977-04-19 "Cincinnati Kids" (H&Y)
1977-05-26 "Bringing The House Down" (Eelgrass)
1977-06-25 "Badgeholders Weekend" (Badgeholders)
1979-07-23 "Copenhagen Warmups" (Last Stand2) [inc 7/24/1979]
1979-08-11 "Robert's Last Stand" (Red Devil)
1980-06-17 "Return Of The Auschwitz" (Neptune)
1980-06-18 "Pure Nostulgia" (Neptune)
1980-06-29 "Tour Over Europe" (Twin Eagle)
1980-06-29 "Live in Zurich" (Minotauro)
1980-06-30 "Blitzkreig Over Europe" (Tarantura) [upgrade]
Outtakes "Test Pressing Mix" (Tarantura 2000)
Video LZ DVD "Orlando You Really Got Me" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "It's A Long Way to Knebworth" (No Label)
Video Coverdale-Page 1993-12-20 "Live at Festival Hall" (No Label)

2005-05-15 NEW ART
1969-02-02 "The Rockpile Tapes" (Badgeholders) [inc 8/18/1969]
1969-06-27 "London Broadcast" (World Production)
1970-09-04 "Live On Blueberry Hill" (Mud Dogs)
1971-04-01 "Satisfaction" (NDM)
1971-04-01 "Stairway To Heaven" (Living Legend)
1971-08-22 "Walk Don't Run" (Wendy)
1971-09-29 "Live In Japan 1971 (Last Stand2) [matrix# 34/35/36]
1973-05-13 "Night Flight" (Metal Mania) [inc Chicago 1973 soundcheck]
1973-05-13 "Over America" (Traditional Line) [inc 1975-03-04]
1973-05-14 "The Longest Night" (Satellite)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party (Wendy)
1973-03-06 "Stockholm Syndrome (Empress Valley)
1973-07-21 "There's So Much Sound To Hear" (Empress Valley)
1975-01-31 "Ultraviolence Attack" (Badgeholders)
1975-02-12 "MSG 1975" (Last Stand2) [matrix# 12/13/14]
1975-03-12 "Taking No Prisoners Tonight" (Badgeholders)
1975-03-25 "Trampled Under Gallows" (Zero)
1975-05-18 "No Quarter" (Good Believe)
1977-04-27 "Not Authorised" (Mainline)
1977-04-27 "Original Stereo Destroyer" (Pot)
1977-06-19 "San Diego Mystery Train" (Wendy)
1977-06-21 "On The Whispering Wind" (TNT)
1977-07-23 "Murder City Player" (Real Dragon)
1980-06-20 "Platinum" (Hocus Pocus)
1980-06-29 "Tour Over Europe" (Joker)
1980-06-29 "Tour Over Europe" (Swansong)
Compilations "Live" (More Than 20) [two volumes]
Compilations "Live & Unreleased" (Past Masters)
Compilations "Loose Ends" (Saka)
Compilations "Rarities" (Fire Power)
Compilations "Shenandoah" (Missing In Action)
Compilations "Tight But Loose" (Saka)
Compilations "Traveling Riverside Blues" (LZ)
Compilations "Unlicensed" (Mainline) [dates?]
Outtakes "Early Days" (Refined Masters)
Outtakes "Lost Mixes EP Vol. 3" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol. 4" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol. 5" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol. 6" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Stairway To Heaven Sessions" (Zoso's Company)
Outtakes "Studio Daze Revisited" (TMQ)
Outtakes "Tangible Vandalism" (Ukinel)
Outtakes "That's The Way Through The Out Door" (Imperium)
Plant 2005-04-02 "Warwick University" (Franny)
Video LZ DVD Earl's Court "Heavy Metal Kids" (Empress Valley)

2005-05-05 NEW ART
1969-01-26 "Fillmore East" (Mud Dogs) [inc 1969-01-11, 1969-03-03]
1969-06-27 "How Many More Times" (Quality)
1969-04-24 "Fillmore West" (Last Stand) [inc 1969-04-27]
1970-03-12 "Dusseldorf 1970 Raw Master" (Wardour)
1970-09-04 "Live On Blueberry Hill" (Cobra Premium Series)
1971-04-01 "BBC Zep" (Tarantura)
1971-04-01 "In Concert" (Liverpool) [inc 1969-06-27]
1971-09-24 "Pretty Woman" (Tarantura)
1971-09-29 "Japan Tour 71" (Bug)
1972-06-22 "Route 66" (Tarantura) [inc 1972-06-25]
1972-10-09 "Live" (Tarantura)
1972-10-10 "Japanese Warm-Ups" (Sayonora)
1973-07-06 "Magical Mystery Tape" (Tarantura)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (Tarantura)
1973-07-29 "2 Last Nights" (Tarantura) [inc 1975-05-25]
1975-02-12 "The Jumpleg" (Tarantura)
1975-03-17 "Hammer Of The Gods" (Tarantura) [inc 1975-03-21]
1977-04-27 "Destroyer" (No Label)
1977-05-30 "Destroyer III" (Tarantura)
1979-08-11 "Knebworth Festival" (Jelly Roll)
Compilations "Best Live In Concert 1969" (Double Time)
Compilations "Long Tall Sally" (Tarantura)
Outtakes "All My Love" (Tarantura)
Outtakes "In Through The Outtakes" (Widget)
Outtakes "Physical Graffiti Alternative Trax" (Tarantura)
Plant 2005-03-11 "Tearing Into Tulsa" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-06 "Columbia Halle" (No Label)

2005-05-02 NEW ART
1969-01-31 "Butterfly Hunting" (Gusto)
1969-03-03 "Dazed & Confused" (Joker)
1969-04-27 "Fillmore West" (Dadgad)
1969-04-27 "Dazed and Confused" (Discomagic)
1972-02-20 "Downunder Daze" (Image Quality)
1972-05-27 "Amsterdam 1972" (MMachine)
1972-06-09 "Acoustic Tales In Charlotte" (Continental Sounds)
1972-06-09 "Slobbering Animals" (No Label)
1972-10-02 "Led Zeppelin Is My Brother" (Empress Valley)
1971-08-31 "Orlando Magic" (Eelgrass)
1971-11-25 "The Diploma" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-03-24 "Cold Sweat" (Live Remains)
1973-06-02 "Best Vibes In Frisco" (Jelly Roll)
1973-06-02 "Persistance Kezar" (Holy) [Low res, need upgraded scan]
1973-07-15 "Buffalo 1973" (VIP)
1973-07-24 "The Crunge" (Real Dragon)
1975-01-20 "Sweet Home Chicago" (Wendy)
1975-02-16 "St. Louis Blues" (Eelgrass)
1975-03-04 "Chasing The Dragon" (Eelgrass)
1975-03-04 "Dallas 1975" (LZ)
1975-03-25 "Dazed & Confused" (Mad Dog)
1975-03-14 "Conspiracy Theory" (Eelgrass)
1975-05-24 "Earl's Court 1975" (Tecumseh)
1977-04-27 "Live In USA" (Apple House)
1977-06-27 "Coherence" (Watch Tower)
1977-07-24 "Final Ever In The States" (Missing Link)
1979-08-11 "Complete Knebworth 79" (Zoso's Company)
1980-06-29 "European Daze" (Patriot)
Outtakes "Alternative and Unreleased Versions" (No Label)
Outtakes "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (Dynamite Studios)
Outtakes "Different Mixed Coda" (Pot)
Compilations "BBC" (Last Stand)
Compilations "Lived 1975 Part 1 & 2" (Superstar Concert Series) [1973 but what date?]
Compilations "Unbooted" (Tarantura)
PP 1995-04-26 "Light My Fire" (Sonic Zoom)
PP 1995-05-16 "Back To Blueberry Hill" (No Label)
PP 1995-05-23 "Portland Memorial Coliseum" (No Label)
PP 1998-07-14 "How Many More Lives" (No Label)
PP Compilations "Broadcasts" (No Label)
Page Various "Before The Balloon Went Up" (Dressed To Kill)
Page Coverdale 1993-12-22 "Final Stage" (No Label)
Page Coverdale 1993-12-22 "Over Now" (Banzai) [Low res, need upgraded scan]
Plant 1981-05-27 "Having A Look At Bradford U" (No Label)
Plant 2005-03-14 Dallas "Welcome To Radio Cairo" (No Label)
Plant 2005-03-19 Biloxi "Tall Cool & Woody" (No Label)
Plant 2005-03-24 New York "Irving Plaza" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-02 Warwick "Just Off The A46" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-06 "Live in Berlin" (No Label)
Plant 2005 "BBC Radio 2 Broadcast" (No Label)
Plant Various "Rockfield Studios 1981 " (Wardour)
Video LZ DVD "Devil's Blues" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Mystic San Diego" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Return of the Dinosaurs" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Texas Pop" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Reunion Collection" (Wendy)
Video PP 1996-01-25 "Live In Buenos Aries" (RSVP)
Video Plant 2002-08-01 "Live In New York" (No Label)

2005-03-08 NEW ART
1970-03-27 "D'ya Feel Alright" (Mad Dogs)
1970-09-04 "On Blueberry Hill" (Wendy)
1970-09-19 "Praying Silently For Jimi" (Empress Valley)
1971-08-21 "Firecracker's Explosion" (Empress Valley)
1971-09-23 "Storm Of Fanatics" (Mud Dogs)
1971-09-24 "Afternoon Daze" (Mud Dogs)
1971-09-29 "Everybody Say Mr. Bonham" (No Label)
1972-06-11 "Civic Center Baltimore" (No Label)
1972-06-19 "Light Bringer" (Cashmere)
1973-05-26 "Dazed & Confused In Salt Lake City" (No Label)
1975-02-06 "When The Levee Breaks" (TNT)
1975-02-12 "Four Blocks In The Snow" (Blue Congo)
1977-04-03 "Fuckin' PA System" (Tarantura)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Genuine Masters)
1977-06-21 "Out On The Tiles" (Tarantura)
1979-08-04 "Live At Knebworth Festival" (No Label)
1980-06-30 "Frankfurt Special" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ "Earls Court 75" (Cashmere)
Video Plant 1993-07-02 Montreux "Center Stage" (No Label)
Video Plant 1993-07-02 "Montreux Jazz Festival" (No Label)
Video Plant "Fate of Nations 93 Promo" (No Label)

2005-02-18 NEW ART
1969-01-10 "Live Adventure At The Fillmore West" (Wendy)
1969-01-10 "Fillmore West" (Dadgad)
1969-01-31 "New York In The Wind" (Empress Valley) [inc 1969-02-01]
1969-08-31 "Plays Pure Blues" (Whoopy Cat) [2004 rerelease]
1970-04-05 "Sorry 'Bout The Delay" (FBO Alt Series)
1970-04-05 "What's New In Baltimore" (No Label)
1970-04-18 "Live At Phoenix" (Power Archives)
1972-06-22 "Swinging In San Bernardino" (Empress Valley)
1972-10-04 "Live At Festival Hall" (Power Archives)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's 25th Birthday" (ARMS)
1973-07-10 "Rock And Roll Bonanza" (Electric Magic)
1975-02-13 "A Few Hours With St. Valentine" (No Label)
1975-05-23 "The Four Kings" (FBO Alt Series)
1977-04-20 "Cincinnati Riot Disaster" (Electric Magic)
1979-07-23 "Copenhagen 1st Night" Tisdu (No Label)
1979-07-24 "Copenhagen 2nd Night" Tisdu (No Label)
1979-08-04 "Concise Knebworth" Tisdu (No Label)
1979-08-11 "Concise Knebworth" Tisdu (No Label)
1979-08-11 "We'll See You Soon" (FBO Alt Series)
Outtakes "Alternative Graffiti" (Celebration)
Video Led Zeppelin DVD "Knebworth 79" (Genuine Bastard)
Video Led Zeppelin DVD "For Badge Holders Only" (Genuine Masters)
Video Led Zeppelin DVD "Heartbreakers Back In Town" (Genuine Masters)
Video P/P 1996-02-13 "Budokan Tea Party" (Genuine Masters)
Video Plant 2002-08-03 "New York" (No Label)
Plant 1993-12-15 "Munich" (No Label)
Plant 2002-06-10 "Live In Astoria" (SRS)

2005-01-22 NEW ART
1969-06-27 "Minnesota Blues" (No Label)
1969-08-31 "Plays Pure Blues" (No Label)
1970-01-09 "Live At Royal Albert Hall" (No Label) [from DVD]
1970-03-12 "Dusseldorf 1970" (Reel Masters)
1970-09-19 "One More For The Road" (Small Fish)
1972-06-19 "Let's Do It Again" (Badgeholders)
1972-06-07 "Montreal Forum" (Dadgad)
1972-10-03 "Majestic Rock" (Reel Masters)
1973-07-15 "Slaughtering Buffalo" (SG Records)
1973-07-28 "MSG" (Cannonball)
1975-02-16 "Bertha Blues" (No Label)
1975-05-23 "Earl's Court 75" (Small Fish)
1977-04-27 "The Supreme Destroyers" (Empress Valley)
   [inc 1977-04-28, 1977-05-30, red box, white box]
1977-04-28 "The Destroyer" (Small Fish)
1977-06-14 "Final Night At The Garden" (Small Fish)
1977-06-19 "Mystery Train" (Badgeholders)
1977-06-26 "That's Alright" (Tarantura)
1977-06-27 "The Legend of The End" (Tarantura)
1980-07-03 "Eye Thank Yew" (Tarantura)
Compilations "Week For Badgeholders" Box (Tarantura)
Compilations "Best of Tour 1973" (Forever Standard Series)
Compilations "Led Zeppelin" (No Label) [from DVD]
Compilations "Nasty Music" (Tarantura)
P/P 1995-03-25 "Light My Fire" (Azija)
P/P 1995-05-20 "Live At The Shark Tank" (No Label)
P/P Compilations "Hoochie Coochie Man" (Kobra)
Page 1988-10-22 "For Zeppelin Fans Only" (No Label)
Page Various "Luficer Rising" (H)
Coverdale-Page 1993-12-14 "Absolution Blues" (Azija)
Coverdale-Page 1993-12-22 "Don't Leave Me This Way" (Azija)

2005-01-09 NEW ART
1969-06-27 "London 1969" (Exil)
1970-09-19 "One More For The Road" (Dadgad)
1972-02-25 "Going To Auckland" (Akashic)
1972-06-17 "Portland" (Dadgad)
1972-10-04 - 1972-10-09 "Rock Explosion 72" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-10-09 "My Brain Hurts" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-03-16 "Danke! Vienna" (Winston Remasters)
1973-07-29 "Madison Square Garden" (Dadgad)
1973-07-29 "Good Night New York" (Presence)
1975-01-20 "Chicago Stadium" (Dadgad)
1975-02-07 "Strangely Enough" (Electric Magic)
1975-02-16 "St. Louis Blues" (Empress Valley)
1975-02-16 "St. Louis Blues" (No Label)
1975-03-11 "California Graffiti" (Masterport)
1975-03-27 "Better Off Led" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "Last Night At The Forum" (Power Archives)
1977-04-28 "Destroyer" (Presence)
outtakes "Graffiti Grooves" (Real Dragon)
outtakes "Physical Rarities" (Thunderbolt)
outtakes "Stealin" (No Label)
P/P 1995-05-20 "San Jose" (No Label)
P/P 1995-06-15 "Whole Lotta Love" (Sonic Zoom)
Plant 2002-07-24 New York "Hammerstein Ballroom" (No Label)
Plant 1993-11-20 "Boston 20" (No Label)
Plant 1993-11-21 "Boston 21" (No Label)
Video P/P 1998-08-23 "Bizarre Festival" (Cosmic Energy)

2004-11-13 NEW ART
1970-09-19 afternoon "A Bit Frightening" (No Label) [Eddie Edwards Remaster]
1971-09-29 "Fatally Wanderer" (Wendy)
1973-01-02 "Sheffield" (Dadgad)
1975-05-25 "Live At Earl's Court" (SRS)
Compilations "St. Tangerine's Day" (Azija Archives 42-43)
Video LZ DVD "Tour Over Europe 1980" (Dadgad)
Video LZ DVD "Watch And Listen To This Eddie" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "For the Love of FBO" (No Label)
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PP 1996-02-17 "Live In Century Hall" (SRS)
PP 1998-05-22 "Live In Civic Center" (SRS)
PP 1998-10-01 "Live At Uno Arena" (SRS)
Page Various "Shakin' Your  Money Maker" (Flagge) (w/Santana 7/1/1980)
Plant 1984-02-08 "Live in Newcastle" (SRS)
Plant 1985-09-10 "Live At Wembley" (SRS)
Plant 1988-05-23 "Live In Philadelphia" (SRS)
Plant 1993-12-20 "Live At Paradiso" (SRS)
Plant 1993-06-25 "Live In Glastonbury" (SRS)
Plant 1999-10-31 "Live At National Forest" (SRS)
Plant 2003-04-26 "Bergen" (No Label)
Plant 2002-11-14 "Live In Moscow" (SRS)
Plant 2003-08-14 "Live In Kiev" (SRS)

2004-10-02 NEW ART
1971-09-14 "Going To California" (TMQ2)
1971-09-23 "Meet The Led Zeppelin" (Wendy)
1972-06-19 "Only The Lonely" (No Label)
1973-03-24 "Sharing The Custard Pie" (No Label)
1977-04-28 "The Destroyer" [Alt Presence source]
1977-06-10 "Big A Again" (No Label)
1977-06-10 "Set Yourself On Fire" (No Label)
Outtakes/XYZ Sessions "After The Crash" (Midas Touch) [upgrade]
P/P 1995-03-10 "Royal Orleans" (Real Live)
P/P 1998-11-23 "Live in Munich" (Grab)
P/P Compilations "Japanese Tour 1996" (No Label) [poor quality]
P/P Compilations "Ten Days" Japan 1996 (No Label) [missing dates?]
Plant 1985-06-24 "Dallas 85" (No Label)
Plant 1985-07-08 "Steelcorner" (No Label)
Plant 1988-02-03 "Breakin' Arms" (No Label)
Plant 1990-06-30 "Wearing & Torn Down" (No Label)
Plant 1990-11-14 "Rapid City" (No Label)
Plant 1991-01-08 "First Night" (No Label)
Plant 1991-01-09 "Second Night" (No Label)
Plant 1993-12-20 "Paradiso Blues" (No Label) [art has incorrect date]
Plant 1999-10-29 "Dudley Zoo" (No Label3)
Plant 2003-07-28 "I'm Comin' Home" (No Label)
Coverdale Page/Various "Behind Closed Doors" (No Label)

2004-08-22 NEW ART
1969-04-27 "Fillmore West" (JJLF)
1969-07-06 "Good Times Bad Times" (Empress Valley)
1970-06-28 "Shepton Mallet" (Dadgad)
1971-08-31 "Orlando 1971" (JJLF)
1971-09-09 "Hampton 1971" (Cannonball)
1973-05-13 "Mobile 1973" (JJLF)
1973-05-14 "New Orleans 1973" (JJLF)
1973-07-06 "Soundcheck" (No Label)
1973-07-28 "Complete MSG" (Wendy)
1975-02-06 "Jour de la Celebration" (No Label)
1977-06-11 "Eat An Apple" (No Label)
1977-06-25 "Delirium Treatment" (Tarantura 2000)
1980-06-29 "Zurich 1980" (JJLF)
Outtakes "Hey Hey What Can I Sing" (No Label)
Outtakes "All That Glitters Is Gold" (Celebration)
Outtakes "Oh My God II Tapes" (No Label)
P/P 1998-09-24 "Phoenix Rising" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Peter Grant" (Sugar Mama)
Video LZ DVD "Brisbane Boogie" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Kiwi Express" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD "Permiere Version" (No Label)
Video Page-The Firm 1986-05-02 "Joe Louis Arena" (No Label)
Video P/P 1998-07-10 "Wandering Into Philadelphia" (No Label)
Video P/P 1998-09-24 "Phoenix Rising" (No Label)
Video Plant "Acoustically" (Cosmic Energy)

2004-07-05 NEW ART
1970-03-09 "Vienna 1970" (Starborne)
1973-05-13 "IV 1/2+" (Last Stand)
1973-07-28 "The Effect Is Shattering" (Empress Valley)
1980-06-29 "Zurich" (Dadgad) [Raw audience and Remastered audience)
P/P 1996-02-15 "Live In Osaka" (No Label)
P/P 1998-10-30 "Trampled Under London Bridge" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "A To Zeppelin Unauthorized Story" (Passport)
Video LZ DVD "When The Levee Breaks" (No Label)
Video LZ "Earl's Court 75" [two versions] (No Label)
Video P/P 1995-10-03 "Live in Irvine Meadows" (No Label)
Video P/P 1996-02-13 "Made In Occupied Japan" (Tarantura 2000)
Video P/P 1998-03-25 "Shepherds Bush" (two new versions)
Video P/P 1998-07-11 "Albany Pepsi Arena" (No Label)
Video P/P 1998-08-22 "Walking Into Everywhere" (No Label, two covers)
Video P/P Compilations "Desert Rock TV" (No Label)
Video P/P Compilations "1998 DVD Compilation"
Video P/P Compilations "DVD Compilation"
Video P/P Compilations "Walking Eastside"
Video Page 1990-08-20 "Aerosmith Rehearsals" (No Label)
Video Page 1990-08-20 "Marquee Club Rehearsal" (Anaconda)
Video Page-Crowes 1999-10-19 new DVD cover
Video Page ARMS Concerts (several new versions)
Video Plant "Austin City Limits" (No Label)
Video Plant 1988-05-10 "Maple Leaf Gardens" (No Label)
Video Plant 1988-07-14 "Miami" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-10-23 "Miami" (No Label)
Video Plant 2001-06-03 "Toronto Massey Hall" (No Label)
Video Plant 2003-12-11 "Nobel Peace Price Concert" (No Label)
Video Plant "Return of the Tall Cool One - Texas Rehearsals" (No Label)

2004-06-23 NEW ART
1969-11-06 "Winterland Party" (Wendy)
1970-04-18 "The Nebula" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-09-29 "You Were There In Spirits" (Empress Valley)
1971-11-20 "Wembley Empire Pool" (Dadgad)
1973-03-22 "Gracias" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-11 "In The Shadow of Midnight" (Empress Valley)
03/17-21/1975 "Dinosaurs In Motion" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-14 "Conspiracy Theory" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-19 "Is Not California" (Dadgad)
1977-04-09 "Chicago Stadium" (Dadgad)
1977-06-07 "Madison Square Garden" (Dadgad)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie - TSRTS Version" (Tarantura 2000)
1977-06-23 "The Brothers In Pinball" (Tarantura 2000)
Compilations "Archives" Vols 38-41 (Azija)
Video "Kingdome Seattle 1977" (Hercules)
Video "Atlantic 40th Anniversary"
Video "Blueberry Hill" (Genuine Masters)
Video/Page "Ronnie Lane Appeal for Arms" (No Label)

2004-05-16 NEW ART
1970-03-07 "Montreux Casino" (No Label)
1970-04-05 "Civic Center Baltimore" (Dadgad)
1971-09-23 "Rock Carnival" (Watch Tower)
1973-05-19 "A Worthwhile Experience" (Flying Disc)
1975-02-08 "The Spectrum" (Electric Magic)
P/P 1995-06-10 "Sonoria Festival" (Dadgad)
Plant 1999-09-25 "Priory of Brion" (Midas Touch)
Video LZ DVD "VH1 Legends" (Obscured)
Video P/P 1995-06-25 "Glastonbury DVD" (No Label)
Video P/P 1998-03-01 "Live in Bucharest" (Obscured)
Video P/P 1998-03-25 "Sheperds Bush" (Obscured)
Video Page "Complete ARMS" (Masterport)
Video Plant 1985-01-18 "Skinnydippers" (No Label)
Video Plant 1988-05-10 "Toronto DVD" (No Label)

2004-04-18 NEW ART
12/30/68 "Gonzaga 68" (So Fucking What)
04/26-27/1969 "Avocodo Club" (Empress Valley)
1969-08-31 "Live" FBO Tree (No Label)
1970-03-21 "We're Gonna Groove" (Black Panther)
1970-09-19 evening "Final Daze" (No Label)
1970-09-19 evening "Shout That Loud" (Electric Magic)
1971-04-01 "Live At The Paris Theatre" (Black Panther)
1971-09-24 "A Hard Rock Night" (Wendy)
1973-03-22 "You've Been Very Nice" (No Label)
1973-07-17 "V 1/2+" (Last Stand)
1975-02-14 "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (Offbeat)
1975-03-27 "Psychical Graffiti" (Flying Disc)
1977-04-20 "Cincinnati" (No Label)
1977-04-20 "Riverfront Coliseum" (No Label)
1977-06-19 "Mystery Train" (Electric Junk)
1980-06-21 "All My Love" (Pipeline)
Compilations "Strange Tales From The Road" (2 no label sets)
P/P 1996-02-15 "Happy Osaka" (No Label)
Page Yardbirds "Oldies But Goldies" (Koine)
Page Yardbirds "Last Rave Up in LA" (Goldtone)
Page "9:30 PM" Cambridge Folk Festival w/ Roy Harper (No Label)
Plant 1984-02-20 "Never Been Gone" (Masterport)
Plant 2002-02-09 "Strange Confused Night" (No Label)
Plant 2002-05-23 "Aula Magna" (No Label)
Plant 2002-05-25 "Coliseu do Porto" (No Label)
Video "Rover's Return" DVD (Genuine Masters)
Video Plant 5/4/1990 "Dusseldorf" DVD (No Label)
Video P/P 6/25/1995 "Glastonbury" DVD (No Label)

2004-03-21 NEW ART
[BEGIN Master Archive R3]
1970-08-15 "New Haven" (No Label)
1970-09-19 evening "Requiem" (Empress Valley)
1971-09-27 "Live Peace in Hiroshima" (Wendy)
1972-06-18 "From Vancouver To Seattle" (No Label)
1977-05-22 "Complete Tarrant Concert" (Wendy)
Video "Seattle 1977" (Wow)
Video "Rocks in the Garden" 6/10/1977 DVD (No Label)
Video P/P "Eternal Burning" (Empress Valley) [filed under 5/1/1995 Milwaukee]
Video P/P "Los Angeles" 5/17/1995 DVD (Third Eye)
Video P/P "Mt. View, CA" 10/8/1995 DVD (Third Eye)

2004-02-25 NEW ART:
[BEGIN Master Archive R3]
1970-03-21 "Frame By Frame" (American Concert Series)
1970-09-19 evening "One More For The Road" (Darthdisc)
1970-09-19 evening "Born To Please" (No Label) [Eddie Edwards Remaster]
1975-03-11 "Pussy & Cock" (Tarantura)
1975-03-11 "Long Beach" (No Label) [Winston Remaster]
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Empress Valley) [Xmas version]
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Wendy)
1977-06-25 "Saturday Nights Alright" (Wendy)
Page 2001-05-27 "Philadelphia" (No Label)
P/P Compilations "Get Rid of the Smoke" [Box Cover]
Plant 1993-12-20 "Live At Paradiso" (No Label)
Plant 2003-12-12 "Oslo Spectrum" (No Label)
Video "Earls Court 1975" (Celebration DVD)
Video "Live Aid" DVD (No Label)
Video Page "Raving Arizona" (Cosmic Energy)
Video P/P "Unledded Hall of Fame" (No Label)
Video P/P "Rio 96" (No Label)
Video Plant "King Biscuit Flower Hour" (No Label)
Video Plant "Robin Hood" 5-31-01 New York (No Label)

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