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2009-02-15 NEW ART
[END Master Archvie R4]
1970-09-02 "On Blueberry Hill II" (Wendy)
1970-03-21 "Mudslide Revised" (Flying Disc)
1970-08-31 "Texas Int'l Pop Festival" (Liquid Led)
1973-05-14 "Drag Queen of New Orleans" (Godfather)
1975-01-31 "Detroit Rock City" (No Label)
1977-04-27 "Larry Badgely" (Liquid Led)
Compilations "Fresh Garbage" (Scorpio)
Page The Firm 1984-12-07 "Middlesbrough" (No Label)
Plant 2008-06-13 "Your Long Journey" (Wardour)
Video LZ DVD Seattle "Year of the Dragon" (Empress Valley)

2009-01-11 NEW ART
1969-07-06 "Jazz But Rock" (Tarantura 2000)
1969-10-30 "When A Glass Was Thrown" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-08-21 "Stairway to LA" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-08-22 "Walk Don't Run" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-10-04 "Koseinenkin Festival Hall" (No Label)
1973-03-17 "Going Down Slow" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-05-26 "Momento of Salt Lake City" (No Label)
1973-07-23 "A Bloody Act" (Dadgad)
1973-07-29 "Song Remains the Same Fan Version" (No Label)
1975-01-20 "Windy City Tapes Vol I" (No Label)
1975-01-22 "Windy City Tapes Vol III" (No Label)
1975-02-12 "Keeper of the Season" (Liquid Led)
1975-02-14 "St. Valentine's Day Massacre" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-12 "Malacum Salaam" (Beelzebub)
1980-06-23 "Bremen" (Tarantura 2000)
1980-06-20 "Brussels" (Tarantura 2000)
Plant 2007-10-18 "CMT Crossroads" (No Label)
Plant 2008-05-07 "Manchester Apollo" (Decca)
Plant 2008-07-14 "Toronto" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Earl's Court "Knights of the Court" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "Past, Present and Future" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Ledgendary O2" (No Label)

2008-08-30 NEW ART
1971-09-23 "Flying Rock Carnival" (No Label)
1971-09-24 "Balloon Boys Rock Carnival" (Empress Valley)
1972-02-29 "Festival Hall" (No Label)
1975-03-21 "Definitely Seattle" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Ahmet Ertegun Tribute" (No Label)
Page 1988-09-09 "Tampa 88" (No Label)
Page 1988-11-08 "Landover 88" (No Label)
Page 1988-11-11 "Portland 88" (No Label)
Page 1988-11-12 "New York 88" (No Label)
Page 1988-11-13 "Ritz Outrider" (No Label)
Plant 1988-07-29 "Come On New York" (No Label)

2008-07-13 NEW ART
1969-04-24 "Who's Country Joe" (No Label)
1971-09-27 "Love & Peace in Hiroshima" (Bumble Bee)
1971-09-29 "9291971" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-03-27 "Heavy Machinery" (Dadgad)
1973-05-13 "Mobily Remastered" (No Label)
1975-03-24 "Get Back To LA" (Tarantura)
1977-06-11 "An Evening With Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
1979-07-23 "Melancholy Danish Pageboys" (No Label)
1980-07-07 "A Memory Frozen" (Godfatherecords)
Outtakes "Ultimate Studio Sessions" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "It's Been A Long Time (TMQ)
Page The Firm 1985 "Superstar Radio Concerts" (No Label)
Page The Firm 1985-05-08 "Together in Cadillac" (No Label)
Page Outrider 1988-10-29 "Worcester 1988" (No Label)
PP 1998-06-07 "St. Louis 1998"(No Label)
PP 1998-06-13 "Tangerine from North Dakota" (No Label)
Plant 1988-07-17 "Charlotte 1988" (No Label)
Plant 2008-04-19 "White Country Woman" (No Label)
Plant 2008-05-10 "In the Mood for Dusseldorf" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 Arena "For Your Eyes" (No Label)
Video Plant 2007-07-12 Serbia "Exit Festival" (No Label)
Video Plant 2007-10-10 Lebanon TN "The Mill at Lebanon" (No Label)

2008-04-09 NEW ART
1968-12-30 "Lifetime Guarantee Revisited" (Empress Valley)
1969-10-10 "Paris Excellence" (Empress Valley)
1969-11-06 "Steel Mill Blues" (Winston)
1970-01-09 "London England" (No Label)
1971-04-01 "Westwood One" (No Label)
1971-09-06 "Listen Listen To Me" (Emperss Valley)
1971-09-29 "Fatally Wanderer Definitive" (Wendy)
1971-11-25 "Bad Muthafuckers" (No Label)
1973-03-24 "A Little Bit Warm" (No Label)
1972-06-22 "Excellence in San Bernardino" (Winston)
1973-05-14 "New Orleans" (Winston)
1973-07-20 "Rowdy Night in Boston" (Winston)
1973-07-21 "Providence" (Winston)
1975-03-14 "Keep On Smiling" (No Label)
1977-04-27 "Doctor Who" (Winston)
1977-06-08 "Madison Square Garden" (Dadgad)
1977-06-25 "Mike the Mike" (Winston)
1980-06-20 "Brussels Live Omega" (Winston)
1980-06-24 "Hannover Live Omega" (Winston)
1980-07-07 "Berlin Live Omega" (Winston)
Compilations "Ultimate BBC" (Home Records)
Compilations "Whole Lotta Live" (No Label)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol 11" (Empress Valley)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "5+4 At the O2" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Storm London" (Beelzebub)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "The O2 Arena" (No Label)
Plant 1993-06-16 "Bordeaux 93" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-13 "Dancing in Heaven" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-26 "Paleo Festival" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-27 "Festival de La Cite" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Live at the O2 Arena" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Millennium Dome" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Katzeye London 2007" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "DVD Tisdu" (Todd/Clay and Wendy versions)(No Label)
Video JP The Firm "The Firm Complete" (No Label)
Video RP 2007-10-10 "CMT Crossroads" (No Label)

2008-01-27 NEW ART
1969-10-10 "Paris Olympia" (Wendy)
1970-04-05 "What's New In Baltimore" (No Label2)
1970-09-04 "Great Love Affair" (No Label)
1972-10-04 "Moral Reader" (Wendy)
1973-01-22 "Southampton" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "Southampton University" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "University of Southampton" (No Label)
1973-07-20 "Boston Gardens" (No Label)
1975-05-25 "Blasphemy" (No Label)
1977-04-27 "Maximum Destroyer" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol 10" (Empress Valley)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "For Your Life" (Tarantura 2000)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Legendary Reunion" (Wendy)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Hey Ahmet We Did It" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Reunion" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Live at the O2 Arena" (No Label) (two versions)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Listen To This Ahmet" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Tribute To Ahmet Ertegun" (No Label)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Over the Top" (No Label)
PP 1998-11-19 "Milan 1998" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-10 "Hungarian Night" (Limited Disc)
Plant 2007-07-15 "Taormina" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-27 "Festival Night" (Limited Disc)
Video LZ DVD O2 "DVD Tisdu" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "O2 Arena" (Third Eye)
Video LZ DVD O2 "Led Zeppelin Reunion" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD O2 "London O2 Arena" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Various "What Jimmy Didn't Do..Did" Tisdu (No Label)

2007-12-15 NEW ART
1969-03-16 "Super Session at the Tivolis Koncertsal" (Empress Valley)
1969-10-10 "Olympia" (No Label)
1969-10-10 "Olympia" (No Label2)
1969-10-10 "Live at the Olympia" (No Label)
1970-09-06 "Box of Tricks" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-08-31 "Orlando You Really Got Me" (No Label)
1972-06-19 "Seattle 1972" (No Label2)
1973-01-22 "Any Port In The Storm" (Godfatherecords)
1973-01-22 "Swastika" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-05-26 "Salt Lake City" (No Label)
1973-07-27 "Something Completely Different" (No Label)
1973-07-28 "It Doesn't Get Any Cooler" (No Label)
1973-07-29 "Long Long Way From Home" (No Label2)
1975-03-05 "Days Confused" (Eelgrass)
1975-05-25 "King Jimmy & the West Bromwich Blues Band" (No Label)
1977-05-21 "Dragon Snake" (No Label)
1977-05-28 "Powhatan Confederacy" (Empress Valley)
1977-06-27 "Full Imperial Collapse" (Wendy)
Compilations "Live at MSG Working Tapes" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Lost Sessions Vol 9" (Empress Valley)
Reunions 2007-12-10 "Live in the O2 Arena" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "Knebworth II" (Bad Wizard)
Video PP 1996-01-25 "Live in Buenos Aries" (Boogie Mama)
Video PP Compilations "Unledded Sessions" (Empress Valley)
Video PP Compilations "Montreux Jazz Festival" (No Label)
Video Coverdale Page Compilations "Japan Tour 93" (Bad Wizard)
Page Yardbirds "Live in Santa Monica" (No Label)
Plant 2001-04-26 "Malmo" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-24 "Organized Religion" (No Label)

2007-10-08 NEW ART
1969-03-16 "London Blues" (No Label)
1969-06-27 "BBC Rock Hour" (Bumble Bee)
1971-09-23 "King of the Monsters" (No Label)
1972-02-27 "Ballon Goes Up On Led Zeppelin" (Empress Valley)
1972-10-03 "No Use Gneco" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-01-22 "Dancing Days at University" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "Great Lost Live Album" (Nasty Music)
1973-01-22 "Live at Southampton" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "Multitrack Mixdown" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "Southampton" (No Label)
1973-01-22 "Southampton Working Tapes" (EVSD)
1973-03-17 "Safe Sex in Munich" (No Label)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie (Scorpio)
1979-08-11 "One in the Park" (No Label)
1979-08-11 "Welcome to the Knebworth Festival" (Watch Tower)
1980-07-03 "Mannheim" (Tarantura)
Compilations "Collection of Mono Albums" (Scorpio)
Compilations "Soundboard Platter" (Scorpio)
Outtakes "Five Uncooked Tracks" (No Label)
Outtakes "Studio Sessions Ultimate" (Scorpio)
JPJ 2001-12-08 "Steel Your Thunder" (No Label)
Page Yardbirds "Cumular Limits Sessions" (No Label)
Page Yardbirds "Rehearsal Gig" (The Symbols)
Plant 2005-12-07 "Bristol" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-10 "Budapest" (No Label)

2007-08-11 NEW ART
1969-02-14 "We're Unknown" (Tarantura 2000)
1969-04-26 "Winterland Ballroom" (Dadgad)
1971-08-31 "You Really Got Me" (Akashic)
1971-09-04 "Taking Toronto By Strategy" (No Label)
1971-09-09 "In The Wake Of Zeppelin" (Akashic)
1971-09-14 "Going To California" (TMQ3)
1971-09-27 "Kurofune" (Tarantura 2000)
1971-11-24 "Free Trade Hall" (Dadgad)
1972-06-22 "San Bernardino" (Tarantura 2000)
1972-10-10 "The Old Capital" (Wendy) [need improved art]
1973-03-22 "Cold Sweat" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-05-14 "The Witch Queen" (Tarantrua 2000)
1975-05-18 "No Quarter" (Tarantura 2000)
1977-04-25 "Louisville Slugger" (Wendy)
Compilations "Heartbreaker" (On Stage)
Page The Firm 1985-03-23 "Smugglers" (Tarantura 2000)
Plant 1990-05-26 "Swedish Nirvana" (Wardour)
Plant 1993-11-03 "Chicago 1993" (No Label)
Plant 2005-03-16 "KCRW" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-04 "Listen To This Zeynep" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-18 "Malta Wine Festival" (No Label)
Plant 2007-07-18 "Valletta Waterfront" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Earls Court "Bonzo's Secret Elephant" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Earls Court "Demand Unprecedented" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ DVD Earls Court "Holy Grail" (Trainspotter)
Video LZ DVD Various "Da Capo Hall of Fame" (Dadgad)
Video Page Crowes "Jones Beach" (Boogie Mama)
Video Page Coverdale-Page 1993-12-14 "Tokyo" (No Label)
Video Page Coverdale-Page 1993-12-17 "Tokyo" (No Label)
Video Page Coverdale-Page 1993-12-18 "Tokyo" (No Label)

2007-05-21 NEW ART
1969-01-05 "Live at Whiskey A Go-Go" (Eelgrass)
1969-05-30 "Fillmore East" (HCV)
1969-04-25 "Winterland Avocado" (No Label)
1969-07-21 "Live at Central Park" (Empress Valley)
1970-03-27 "Everybody Feel Alright?" (Empress Valley)
1970-04-09 "Tampa" (HCV)
1970-09-03 "Screaming to the Ocean" (Beelzebub)
1970-09-04 "Individually and Collectively" (No Label2)
1970-09-06 "September VI" (Empress Valley)
1972-06-25 "Burn Like A Candle" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-03-16 "Happiness is a Warm Gun" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (Dadgad)
1975-02-03 "Madison Square Garden" (HCV)
1975-02-28 "Baton Rouge" (No Label)
1975-03-19 "Interlude Prior to the Crunge" (Eelgrass)
1977-04-03 "Oklahoma" (HCV)
1977-04-25 "Kentucky Bourbon" (Empress Valley)
1977-04-30 "Pontiac Silverdome" (No Label)
Reunions Hall of Fame "Inducted & Possessed" (Beelzebub)
Page Various "Anger Rising" (Saturn)
Plant 1983-10-01 "Vancouver" (HCV)
Plant 1988-05-05 "Colisee de Quebec" (HCV)
Plant 1985-09-08 "Mood for a Melody" (Wardour)
Plant 1993-07-16 "You Shook Me" (No Label)
Plant 2007-02-14 "Return of the Honeydrippers" (No Label)
Plant 2007-04-07 "Tinariwen" (No Label)
Video LZ Earl's Court "Live at Earl's Court" (Masterplan)
Video LZ Earl's Court "Unstoppable Metal Machine" (Toasted)
Video LZ DVD Various "Film Noir" (Hercules)

2007-03-13 NEW ART
1969-01-05 "Things Began To Happen" (Beelzebub)
1970-01-09 "Havin' Me Some Fun Tonight" (Beelzebub)
1970-02-28 "Heavy Vibe" (Beelzebub)
1971-09-04 "Maple Leaf Gardens" (Empress Valley)
1971-09-09 "Hampton Rhodes" (No Label)
1971-09-14 "California Expedition" (Cashmere)
1971-12-02 "Ballroom Magik" (Beelzebub)
1972-12-08 "Hardrock EE Remaster" (No Label)
1973-05-19 "Fort Worth" (No Label)
1975-03-05 "Days Confused" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-17,21 "Blow Jobs" (Tarantura 2000)
1977-04-25 "Louisville Slugger" (No Label)
1977-04-25 "Louisville Slugger Remastered" (No Label)
1977-05-18 "Dixie Revisited" (Dadgad)
1977-05-26 "Landover 1977" (No Label)
1977-05-30 "Four Rovers in Landover" (Dadgad)
1977-06-07 "Rawhide" (Dadgad)
1977-06-26 "Take The High Road" (Dadgad)
1977-06-27 "Last Sunset in LA" (Dadgad)
1980-06-18 "From My Hands To You" (No Label)
PP 1995-06-06 "Live in Paris" (No Label)
PP 1996-02-20 "Eternal Burning" (Magnum)
Plant 1988-05-23 "Live at the Spectrum" (No Label)
Plant 1993-06-25 "Coming and Going" (No Label)
Plant 1993-09-18 "Jacksonville" (No Label)
Plant 1993-12-20 "Paradiso 1993" (No Label)
Plant 2001-05-01 "Ole Blues Festival" (Night Hawk)
Plant 2002-02-09 "Teenage Cancer Trust" (No Label)
Plant 2002-06-05 "Johnnie Walker Interview" (No Label)
Plant 2002-06-22 "Live at Maida Vale" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD 1969-03-17 "Danish TV" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-10-03 "California Poison II" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-10-10 "Salt Lake City" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-10-24 "Philadelphia" (No Label)
Video Plant 1988-09-23 "Belfast" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-07-05 "Albany" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-07-14 "Hartford" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-08-11 "Fresno Beauties" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-10-12 "Richmond" (No Label)

2007-01-12 NEW ART
1969-01-05 "Live at Whiskey A Go-Go" (Empress Valley)
1970-03-10,11 "Lili Marleen" (Tarantura 2000)
1970-04-17 "Memphis Tennessee" (Empress Valley)
1970-08-31 "Just the Crowd And..." (Empress Valley)
1971-05-03 "Swingin on the Gallows Pole" (Beelzebub)
1973-03-24 "Triumph Zug" (Beelzebub)
1973-05-13 "Heritage Strain" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-05-14 "Freezers Revenge" (No Label)
1973-05-19 "I'm With The Band" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-06-02 "Mary Kezar" (Wendy)
1975-02-12 "Four Blocks in the Snow" (No Label)
1975-05-25 "Young Persons Guide to Led Zeppelin" (Empress Valley)
1977-06-23 "Sgt Pages Badgeholders Club Band Alt" with spines (No Label)
1977-07-17 "Jupiter and Saturn" (Tarantura 2000)
1980-06-23 "Live Omega" (No Label)
1980-06-24 "Live Omega" (No Label)
Compilations "Complete BBC Radio Sessions" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Mighty Arms of Atlas" (No Label2)
Outtakes "Physical Geography" (No Label2)
Reunions "Atlantic 40th Anniversary" (No Label)
Video LZ VHS "First Cuts" (No Label)
Video LZ VHS "Royal Albert Hall 1970" (Celebration)
Video PP 1995-05-12 "Las Vegas" DVD (No Label)
Video PP 1995-10-19 "Buffalo Hunters" (No Label)
Video Page Crowes 2000-07-10 "Jones Beach" (Bad Wizard)
Video Plant 1990-07-19 "East Rutherford" (No Label)
Video Plant 1990-08-11 "Fresno" (No Label)
Video Plant 1991-05-28 "Washington DC" (No Label)
Video Plant 2006-06-23 "Arthur Lee Benefit" (No Label)

2006-11-18 NEW ART
1969-07-06 "Severance Package Vol 1" (No Label)
1969-07-25 "Hells Honkies Vol 2" (No Label)
1969-08-31 "Texas Int'l Pop Festival DVD-A" (Empress Valley)
1972-02-25 "Live in New Zealand" (Empress Valley)
1972-10-03 "Great Dictator" (Wendy)
1972-10-04 "Osaka" (No Label)
1972-12-23 "Alexandra Palace" (No Label)
1973-03-17 "Live in Moon Chin" (Winston Remasters)
1973-03-19 "Happy Times" (Winston Remasters)
1973-03-21 "Legendary Night in Hamburg" (Winston Remasters)
1973-05-14 "Bourbon Street Renegades" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-19 "Fort Worth Express" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-10 "One More For The Road" (Dadgad)
1973-07-24 "Pittsburgh" (No Label)
1975-02-16 "St. Louis Blues" (No Label2)
1975-03-14 "Conspiracy Theory" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "We're Playing Our Balls Out" (No Label2)
1975-05-25 "When We Were Kings" (No Label)
1977-05-21 "The Dragon Snake" (No Label)
1977-05-22 "Jamming With Mick Ralphs" (Empress Valley)
1977-05-26 "Refreshing Mistakes" (Beelzebub)
1977-05-26 "Bringing The House Down" (No Label)
1977-06-19 "Millard's Mystery Train" (No Label)
1977-06-26 "Inglewood" (No Label)
1977-06-27 "Mike the Mike" (Winston Remasters)
1980-07-07 "Last Tour In Europe" (No Label)
Compilations "DVD on CD" (No Label)
Compilations "Mighty Arms of Atlas" (No Label1)
Outtakes "Headley Grange" (No Label)
PP 1998-11-29 "Lyon 1998" (Art Trade)
PP Compilations "Later With Jools" (No Label)
PP Compilations "Unledded Complete" (No Label)
PP Compilations "World Album Premiere" (No Label)
Page Various "Guitar Greats" (No Label)
Page Various "Lucifer Rising" (No Label2)
Plant 1990-05-27 "Oslo" (No Label)
Plant 2005-03-16 Austin "KCRW Radio FM" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-15 Helsinki "Icehall" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-27 London "BBC Winners Gig" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-27 "Portland" (No Label)
Plant 2006-04-05 "Amsterdam" (No Label2)
Plant 2006-07-01 "Fantastic Night at Fourviere" (No Label)
Plant Various "King Biscuit Flower Hour" (No Label)
Plant Various "Pictues at Eleven Promotion" (No Label)
Video LZ Various "Assemblage" (Cosmic Energy)
Video PP 1995-07-22 "Coming Home Night One" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-07-23 "Coming Home Night Two" (No Label)
Video PP 1996-02-17 "Nagoya" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-06-26/27 "Auburn Hills" (No Label)
Video Plant 1988-07-29 "MSG" (No Label)

2006-09-21 NEW ART
1969-07-06 "Hells Honkies Vol 1" (No Label)
1969-07-25 "Hells Honkies Vol 2" (No Label)
1973-05-14 "Bourbon Street Renegades" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (Genuine Masters)
1973-06-03 "Three Days After" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-10 "One More For The Road" (Dadgad)
1973-07-27 "Something Completely Different" (Small Fish)
1973-07-28 "It Doesn't Get Any Cooler" (Small Fish)
1973-07-29 "Long Long Way From Home" (Small Fish)
1975-02-12 "Four Blocks in the Snow" (Small Fish)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Wendy Reissue)
1977-06-23 "For Badgeholders Only" (Wendy)
1977-06-27 "Just Can't Be Satisfied" (Small Fish)
1977-07-17 "Floating on a Sea of Screams" (Small Fish)
1977-07-17 "Sleeping Sickness in Seattle" (Small Fish)
1979-07-24 "Copenhagen Warmups" DVD-A (Empress Valley)
PP 1995-02-28 "Page & Plant" (Small Fish)
PP Compilations "Later With Jools" (No Label)
Page Various "Lucifer Rising" (No Label2)
Plant 1983-09-21 "Moonlight In Texas" (Trial)
Plant 1983-11-22 "Glasgow" (Small Fish)
Plant 1983-11-23 "Edinburgh" (Small Fish)
Plant 1999-11-26 "Telford" (No Label)
Plant 2000-04-08 "Whitley Bay" (No Label)
Plant 2000-11-12 "Brussels" (No Label)
Plant 2000-12-17 "Derby" (No Label)
Plant 2001-06-19 "Warsaw" (No Label)
Plant 2001-08-14 "Colmar" (No Label)
Plant 2005-04-15 Helsinki "Icehall" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-11 Tromso "46664 Benefit" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-29 "Womad Festival" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-27 "Portland" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-13 "Stuttgart" (No Label)
Plant 2006-08-09 "Budapest" (No Label)
Plant 2006-08-13 "Colmar" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Knebworth Celebration" (Genuine Masters)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "Thanks For the 11 Years" (Small Fish)

2006-08-26 NEW ART
1969-02-14 "Roll Over Beethoven" (Empress Valley)
1969-04-27 "Kozmic Blues" (Beelzebub) (inc 03-19-69 BBC)
1969-07-21 "Summer Of Love" (Beelzebub) (inc 07-25-69)
1972-02-19 "Deep Downunder" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-14 "Do the James Brown" (Beelzebub)
1975-02-06 "1975 World Tour" (Empress Valley)
1975-05-18 "Zep Triumphant Vol 2" (Beelzebub)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (Genuine Masters) (Widescreen Edition)
1977-06-23 "Three Hours of Lunacy" (Beelzebub)
1980-07-03 "Mannheim Steamroller" (No Label)
Compilations "1980 Tour Tisdu" (No Label)
Compilations "Rock n Roll Istitution (BSD) (MSG 1973)
Reunions "Candy Store Montreux" (No Label2)
PP 1995-03-17 "Little Rock" (No Label)
PP 1995-07-19 "Sgt Jimmy's Lonely Hearts Club Band" (Real Dragon)
Plant 2002-06-03 "Isle of Wight Festival" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-06 "Dallas" (No Label)
Plant 2005-12-09 "Dublin" (No Label)
Plant 2006-08-13 "Colmar" (No Label)
Video LZ Various "Remains of Albion" (No Label)
Video PP 1995-05-16 "Inglewood" (No Label)
Video PP 1998-07-18 "East Rutherford" (No Label)
Video Plant 2004-05-12 "Hammersmith DVD" (No Label)

2006-06-30 NEW ART
1969-01-10 "For Your Love" (Empress Valley)
1970-01-09 "Jimmy's Birthday Party" (Empress Valley)
1970-01-09 "Royal Albert Hall Multitrack" (No Label)
1971-11-11 "Good Bad or Indifferent" (Tarantura 2000)
1973-07-24 "Pittsburgh Steelers" (Empress Valley)
1975-02-12 "Flying Circus DVD-A" (Empress Valley)
1975-03-19 "Canadian Crunge" (Beelzebub)
Compilations "Hit Collection" (Nota Blu)
Compilations "How Many More Years" (Empress Valley)
PP 1995-02-28 "Atlanta's Last Stand" (No Label)
Plant 1995-10-29 "Glasgow" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-12 "Rennes" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-18 "Angers" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-28 "St. Etienne" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD "Dragon Slayers" (Genuine Masters)
Video PP Compilations "Good Rockin' Tonight" (No Label)
Video RP Compilations "Tour Scrapbook 05-06" (Smagin)
Video RP 2006-03-12 "Neumarkt Remastered" (No Label)
Video RP 2005-09-16 "Chicago Soundstage" (No Label)

NEW ART April 29, 2006
1970-04-05 "Groovin' You" (Empress Valley)
1970-04-17 "Mid-South Coliseum" (No Label)
1970-09-04 "Individually and Collectively" (No Label)
1971-09-14 "Pollution Alert" (Beelzebub)
1973-06-03 "Wipe With A Rolling Stone" (Winston Remasters)
1975-02-12 "Good To Be Back" (Planet X)
1975-03-19 "Snow Jobs" (Empress Valley)
1980-06-18 "Cologne" (Tarantura 2000)
Outtakes "Studio Gems" (No Label)
PP 1995-05-23 "Smoking In The Boys Room" (No Label)
PP 1995-06-07 "Lyon 95" (No Label)
Page Various "Lucifer Rising" (Dynamite)
Plant 1985-07-06 "Best of the Biscuit" (No Label)
Plant 1990-05-21 "Talk To Me" (No Label)
Plant 1990-05-22 "Live In Paris" (No Label2)
Plant 1993-12-10 "Koln" (No Label)
Plant 2001-04-26 "Sensations in Malmoe" (No Label)
Plant 2001-08-11 "Strange Sensations in Belgium" (No Label)
Plant 2000-11-15 "La Cigale" (No Label3)
Plant 2002-08-30 "Hey Hey Look What I Do" (No Label)
Plant 2002-09-05 "There's No Place Like Kansas" (No Label)
Plant 2002-09-13 "Las Vegas" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-04 "Villa Marina" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-09 "L'Enchanteur" (No Label)
Plant 2005-06-21 "Darby First Night" (No Label)
Plant 2005-09-25 "25 Years Gone" (No Label)
Plant 2005-07-15 "Rising Again" (No Label)
Plant 2005-10-29 "Dreaming of You Since Detroit" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-09 "Live at Olympia" (No Label)
Plant 2005-11-25 "Munich" (No Label2)
Plant 2005-12-06 "The Forum" (No Label1)
Plant 2005-12-06 "The Forum" (No Label2)
Plant 2006-03-12 "A Long Time Ago" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-12 "Jura Halle" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-20 "Reims" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-21 "Lille" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-21 "Live in Lille" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-21 "Mighty Arranger Tour" (No Label)
Plant 2006-03-27 "I Can't Hear That Montpellier"
Plant 2006-04-04 "Brussels" (No Label)
Plant 2006-04-04 "Ancienne Belgique" (No Label)
Plant 2006-04-05 "Amsterdam" (No Label)
Plant 2006-04-05 "Words Are Simple" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Seattle "Over The Top" (Bad Wizard)
Video PP 1995-04-04 "Philadelphia" (No Label)
Video RP 1993-10-18 "Los Angeles How Ya Doin'" (No Label)
Video RP 1993-11-14 "Toledo" (No Label)
Video RP 2001-06-19 "Warsaw" (No Label)
Video RP 2006-03-10 "Caprices Festival" (No Label)
Video RP 2006-03-12 "Neumarkt" (No Label)

2006-03-12 NEW ART
Special thanks to Brian I. and Rick N. for submitting upgrades to numerous to list.
1970-07-19 "Led Zeppelin In Germany" (Beelzebub)
1970-09-04 "Live On Blueberry Hill" (Empress Valley alt) [with spines]
1971-04-01 "At The Beeb 1971" (Cuttlefish)
1971-09-09 "Live At Hampton" Audio DVD (No Label)
1972-06-19 "Dancing Again" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-09 "Still Dazed and Confused" (Rude World)
1973-07-17 "Seattle Matrix" (Winston Remasters)
1977-04-30 "Live At The Silverdome" (No Label)
1980-06-30 "Bertha Goes To Frankfurt" (No Label)
Video LZ "Pb" (Genuine Masters)
PP 1995-06-10 "Tour Over Europe" (Two Symbols)
PP 1995-10-09 "Idaho Daze" (Two Symbols)
PP 1996-02-05 "First Show At The Famous Old Building" (Real Dragon)
PP 1996-02-06 "Unledded Live 96" (Pore The Soul)
PP 1996-02-08 "Welcome To The Rehearsals" (Pore The Soul)
PP 1996-02-13 "Sixth Show At The Famous Old Building" (Real Dragon)
PP Compilations "World Tour Highlights" (Right Stuff)
Video PP 1995-02-25 "Pensacola" (No Label)
Page Crowes 1999-10-18 "Live At The Greek" (Celebration)
Page Crowes 1999-10-18 "Greek Theatre Soundcheck" (Watch Tower)
Page Firm 1986-05-11 "Royal Darkness" (No Label)

2006-02-15 NEW ART
[BEGIN Master Archive R4]
1972-06-07 "Montreal Gazette" (Wendy)
1973-01-15 "Live At Trentham Gardens" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (Small Fish)
1973-07-07 "The Last Concert" (No Label)
Page 1988-10-22 Detroit "The Outrider Tour" (No Label)
Plant 2005-12-04 London (No Label)
Plant 2005-12-12 Wolverhampton "Listen to this Bully" (No Label)
Plant 2006-01-01 Maida Vale Studios "BBC Broadcast" (No Label)
Video LZ DVD Knebworth "First Night" (Boogie Mama)
Video PP 1996-02-13 "Live Utamaro" (Empress Valley)
Video Plant "Over Europe 2005" (No Label)

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