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2004-01-17 NEW ART

[END Master Archive R2]
1969-08-18 "Rockpile" (No Label)
1969-10-30 "Hear Me Talking To You" (Gusto)
1970-03-27 "D'Ya Feel Alright?" (Gusto)
1970-04-17 "Memphis Tennessee" (Gusto)
1971-09-04 "Live in Toronto" (Gusto)
1972-02-20 "Masters and Colonials" (LZ Trees)
1972-02-27 "Outback Rover" (Gusto)
1972-06-19 "Seattle Center Coliseum" (No Label)
1972-12-16 "Masters and Colonials" (LZ Trees)
1973-01-07 "Oxford" (No Label)
1973-01-14 "Liverpool" (No Label)
1973-01-30 "Plant's Influenza" (EVSD) 
1975-02-14 "Nassau Coliseum" (No Label)
1973-05-19 "Fort Worth 1973" (No Label)
1975-02-10 "Landover" (No Label)
1975-02-12 "Madison Square Graffiti" (Red Devil)
1975-02-14 "St. Valentine's Day Dance" (Gusto)
1975-05-17 "Earls Court" (No Label)
1975-05-18 "Earls Court" (No Label)
1977-05-26 "Landover" (No Label)
1977-06-14 "MSG" (No Label)
1977-06-19 "San Diego" (No Label)
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (TDOLZ) [poor scans]
1977-06-21 "Listen To This Eddie" (EVSD Xmas Edition)
1977-06-21 "LA Forum" (No Label)
1977-06-27 "Inglewood Forum" (No Label)
1977-07-23 "Confusion" (Gusto)
1980-06-29 "Zurich" (No Label)
1980-06-30 "Frankfurt" (No Label)
1980-07-03 "Mannheim Germany" (No Label)
PP 1995-03-03 "Two Symbols" (Tarantura)
PP 1998-05-19 "Pensacola" (No Label)
PP 1998-06-18 "Psychedelic Jazz" (No Label)
PP 1998-07-19 "Walking Into Long Island" (No Label)
Plant 1999-12-23 "Regis Hall" (No Label)
Plant 2002-08-03 "Ride Her Like A Surfer" (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-09 Cardiff (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-11 Cambridge (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-17 Leeds (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-15 Birmingham (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-20 Manchester (No Label2)
Plant 2002-10-21 Newcastle (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-24 Sheffield (No Label2)
Plant 2002-10-27 Portsmouth (No Label2)
Plant 2002-10-28 Bristol (No Label)
Plant 2002-10-30 London (No Label)
JPJ 1994-11-24 "Toronto Phoenix" (No Label)
JPJ 1994-12-04 "Dark End of the Wadsworth" (No Label)
JPJ 1994-12-10 "Moore Theater" (No Label)
Compilations "Archives" (Azija) Vols 29-30, 32-37
Video "1969-1980" (Cosmic Energy)
Video The Firm "Special" DVD
Video 1995-10-03 "Live In Irvine" DVD (Cosmic Energy)
Video "Walking Eastside" DVD Tour 98 (Eclipse)
Video Page Crowes "Greek Theater 1999" DVD (Third Eye)
Video Plant "Austin City Limits" (Cosmic Energy)

2003-12-17 NEW ART
1970-03-07 "Divinity" (No Label)
1970-03-09 "Vienna 1970" (Gusto)
1970-06-28 "1970 Bath Festival" (Gusto)
1971-08-21 "Meltin' The Forum" (LZ Tree) [alternate]
1971-09-04 "Live on Blueberry Hill" (No Label)
1971-09-28 "We Shall Overcome" (Gusto)
1971-11-16 "Ipswich Pool" (Gusto)
1972-06-07 "Montreal 1972" (Gusto)
1972-12-08 "The Rover Returns and More" (Gusto)
1973-03-16 "Vienna 1973" (Gusto)
1975-03-25 "The Sex Machine" (Gusto)
1975-05-24 "Earl's Court Arena 2405 Evoluzione" (Empress Valley)
1975-05-25 "When We Were Kings" (Empress Valley)
1977-04-06 "Home of the Electric Blues" (Gusto)
1977-06-25 "Saturday Night Fever" (Gusto)
1980-07-05 "Whole Lotta Company" (Gusto)
1980-07-07 "Last Flight" (Gusto)
Compilations "The Fifth Element" (Gusto) [DVD audio rip]
Video "Led Zeppelin 75-77 Pictoral Study" (Frank Melfi)
PP 1995-04-03 "The Spectrum" (No Label)
PP 1988-05-29 "Live At Lakewood" (Laughing Cow)
Page 1988-11-21 "Birmingham 1988" (Gusto)
Plant 1981-05-04 "Porterhouse Club" (Gusto)
Plant 1988-05-15 "Hartford 1988" (Gusto)
Plant 2001-06-03 "Live at Massey Hall" (Gusto)
Plant 2001-06-04 "State of Mind" (Gusto)
JPJ 1999-12-08 "Rest of the Best" (No Label)
JPJ Video "North America 2000" (No Label)

2003-11-23 NEW ART
1969-01-10 "Whole Lotta For Your Love" (Pirate)
1970-03-09 "Live in Vienna" (Ocean Sound)
1970-09-02 "Get Loose" (Holy Grail)
1970-09-19 "Maui Wowie" (Missing Link)
1971-04-01 "BBC In Concert" (No Label)
1971-04-01 "Classics Off The Air Vol 3" (Neutral Zone)
1971-08-21 "Meltin' The Forum" (LZ Tree)
1971-09-04 "In A Daze" (Keep Out)
1971-09-27 "Peace of Mind" (Mud Dogs)
1971-11-20 "Electric Magic Show" (Mad Dogs)
1972-02-25 "Live In Auckland" (Genuine Masters)
1972-06-28 "Crashing Revelry" (Empress Valley)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" (Mud Dogs)
1973-07-06 "Chicago 1973" (LZ)
1973-07-07 "In The Windy City II" (Empress Valley)
1973-07-07 "Chicago 73" (No Label)
1973-07-15 "Razed and Confused" (Flying Disc)
03/2004-05/1975 "Chasing The Dragon" (Empress Valley) [3cd and 6cd versions]
1975-03-05 "Dallas Second Night" (No Label)
1975-05-17 "Nice Opening Night" (Image Quality)
1975-05-25 "Earls Court 75" (Mud Dogs)
1977-04-06 "Back in Chicago" (No Label)
1977-04-28 "The Destroyer" (Smilin' Ears)
Compilations "Music From DVD Vol 2" (No Label)
P/P 1996-02-09 "Forth Show at the Famous Old Building" (Real Dragon)
P/P 1996-02-12 "Fifth Show at the Famous Old Building" (Real Dragon)
JPJ 1999-11-01 "Jonesy Smokes the Joint" (Empress Valley)

2003-11-11 NEW ART
1969-04-27 "Fillmore West" (Aulica) [inc 1969-04-24]
1971-08-21 "Electric Assault" (No Label)
1971-08-22 "Electric Bash" (No Label)
1972-02-20 "Melbourne Boogie" (No Label)
1972-06-28 "Tuscon 1972" (No Label)
1972-12-16 "Boogie Mama at the Odeon" (No Label)
1973-03-17 "Conquer the Fatherland" (LZ Tree)
1973-07-07 "Cutting Loose Chicago Style" (No Label)
1975-01-20 "Chicago 1975" (No Label)
1975-03-24 "Crazed and Bemused" (Black Cat) [inc 1975-03-25, 1975-03-27]
Compilations "Live" (TDM)
Compilations "Communication Breakdown" (Live & Alive)
Video "Deep Throat" (No Label) [from March 1975] (two covers)
Page Firm 1984-12-03 "Frankfurt" (No Label)
Page Firm 1984-12-09 "London Odeon" (No Label)
Page Firm 1985-05-22 "Live at Wembley Arena" (No Label)
Page Firm various "Hide Firm" (Image Quality)
Page 1988-10-21 "USA 1988" (Red Line)
Page Crowes 2000-07-04 "Alltel Pavillion" (No Label 2)
Page "Arms Concert" (No Label)
Page "Session Man" (No Label)
Coverdale Page 1993-12-14 "Live on the Road" (No Label)
Coverdale Page "Rehearsals 1993" (Live Storm)
Page Plant "Reunion 1994" (Red Line)
Page Plant "Live 1995 Reunion" (LZ)
Page Plant 1995-06-09 and 1995-06-12 "Marseille Toulouse" (No Label)
Page Plant 1995-10-09 "Idaho Daze" (No Label)
Page Plant "Presence Now" Box (The Ocean) [see individual dates]
    1998-02-21 Zagreb
    1998-02-23 Budapest
    1998-02-25 Prague
    1998-03-02 Sofia
    1998-03-05 Istanbul
    1998-03-06 Istanbul
Page Plant 1998-03-01 "Bucharest 1998" (Outrider)
Page Plant 1998-03-25 "Rock Empire" (The Ocean)
Page Plant 1998-11-09 "Rennes France 98" (No Label)
Page Plant 1998-11-28 "Walking Into Toulon" (No Label)
Plant various "Ballads" (Halahup)
Plant various "Best of the Biscuit" (No Label)
Plant various "Moody Guy Moments" (Image Quality)
Plant 1981-04-13 "Honeydrippers Vol 2" (No Label)
Plant 1983-09-24 "Denver" (No Label)
Plant 1983-11-22 "Glasgow" (No Label)
Plant 1985-01-18 "Secret Gig" (No Label)
Plant 1985-06-09 "Midnight Rehearsals" (Midas Touch)
Plant 1988-05-23 "Philadelphia 1988" (Post Script)
Plant 1990-05-02 "Brussels" (No Label)
Plant 1990-05-22 "Live in Paris" (No Label)
Plant 1990-11-01 "Tall Cool One" (Flagge)
Plant 1993-07-14 "Dazed and Confused" (No Label)
Plant 1999-11-13 "The Red Lion" (No Label)
Plant 2000-02-18 "POB" (No Label)
Plant 2000-07-11 "Cropredy2k Festival" (No Label)
Plant "Last Time I Saw Her" (Universal)
Plant 2002-02-07 "Live at the Fillmore" (No Label)
JPJ with Diamanda Galas "The Sporting Life"
Video "Hats Off John Bonham" (Sugar Mama)
Video Coverdale Page 1993-12-20 "Live in Osaka" DVD
Video "Earls Court 1975" DVD (Cosmic Energy)
Video Robert Plant "VH1 Storytellers" DVD (Cosmic Energy)

2003-10-10 NEW ART
1969-11-06 "Winterland" (No Label2)
1970-09-02 "Another Night on Blueberry Hill" (Electric Magic)
1971-09-28 "Please Please Me" (Wendy)
1972-02-20 "The Wet Head is Dead" (Empress Valley)
1972-12-01 "Last Tango in Newcastle" (No Label)
1973-01-27 "Dundee Soundboard" (No Label) + bonus tracks
1975-02-16 "Ain't That A Shame" (No Label)
1975-03-27 "Electric Orgasm" (Jolly Roger)
1975-03-27 "Linda Love Led" (No Label)
1975-05-24 "To Be a Rock and Not To Roll" (Original Master Series)
1975-05-25 "Conquistador" (Original Master Series)
Compilation "The Butterqueen" (Unbelievable)
Outtakes "Swan Song Sketches" (Achilles)
Page/Plant 1995-05-20 "Live at the Shark Tank" (Swingin' Pig)
Page/Plant 1998-07-14 "Great Woods" (No Label)
Page/Plant 1998-09-23 "Nevada Sunset" (Tie Die)
Plant 1993-06-27 "Ho Den Haag It's Hard" (No Label)
Video Page 1986-05-02 "Detroit" The Firm VCD (No Label)
Page Various "The Jimmy Page Collection" (Dressed To Kill)

2003-09-12 NEW ART
1969-03-15 "Gladaxe" (No Label) [hand drawn art]
1969-04-26 "Winterland" (No Label) [hand drawn back cover]
   Thanks to Jonathan Hathaway for the talented artwork!
1970-01-09 "Mystical Spirits" (No Label) [original and remastered DVD audio rip]
1970-04-18 "Razing Arizona" (No Label)
1970-09-19 "Afternoon Delight" (No Label)
1971-09-11 "Giants of the Sky" (No Label)
1972-12-16 "Sweet Brummy Roll" (Empress Valley)
1972-12-20 "Brighton Rock" (No Label)
1973-07-28 "Madison Square Garden" (Turtle)
1975-02-08 "The City of Brotherly Zep" (No Label)
1977-06-13 "An Evening With Led Zeppelin" (No Label)
1980-06-21 "Final Jam in Rotterdam" (No Label)
Compilations "That's The Way Through The Out Door" (No Label)
Compilations "Archives" (Azir) [discs 22 & 25]
Compilations "Music From DVD Vol 1" (no label) [DVD audio rip]
Outtakes "Physical Graffiti Alternative Trax" (No Label)
Video "Earls Court" [DVD upgrade]
Page/The Firm "Outtakes" (Midas Touch)
Page/Black Crowes 1999-10-12 "Oh Well" (Flagge)

2003-08-17 NEW ART
1972-10-05 "Sakura, Looking Up!" (Jelly Roll)
1970-03-21 "Pb" (Tarantura)
1972-12-08 "Manchester 1972" (No Label)
1973-07-17 "V 1/2 Extravaganza" (Badgeholders)
1975-02-12 "Definitive Flying Circus" (No Label)
1975-02-12 "Led Zep" (No Label)
1977-06-23 "Sgt. Page's Badgeholder's Club Band" (Tarantura 2000)
Compilations "Archives" (Azir) [discs 11-28 except 22 & 25]
Outtakes "The Lost Sessions Vol 2" (Empress Valley)
Outtakes "Stairway To Heaven Sessions" (Live Storm)
P/P "Greatest Hits Live" (No Label)

2003-07-28 NEW ART
1969-11-06 "Blow Up" (Immigrant)
1970-01-09 "Royal Albert Presentation" (Immigrant)
1975-02-28 "Blaze" (Immigrant)
1975-03-27 "Deep Throat" (Cyanine)
1977-06-23 "For Badge Holders Only" (Tarantura 2000)
Compilations "Psychedelic Raw Blues" (Immigrant)
Video "Butcher's Block DVD"
Video JPJ "The Daphne Project"
Video "Latter Visions" (Celebration)
Video "Holy Grail" VCD
Video "Earls Court 75 & Royal Albert Hall"
Video "You'll Never Walk Alone DVD" (Tarantura)

2003-07-11 NEW ART
1969-06-27 and 1971-04-01 "Minnesota Blues" (Oil Well)
1972-02-20 "Count Me Out When It's Hot" (Cobra)
1975-03-27 "Dazed & Confused" (Mad Dogs) [need confirmation of date]
1975-05-23 "Thunderstorm" (Tarantura)
Compilations "Archives" (Azir) [discs 1-10]
Compilations "69 In Flames" (Manic Depression)
Compilations "Celebration" (Digit)
Compilations "Rockstars In Concert" (No Label)
Page 1988-11-05 and 1988-11-09 "Apples and Steel" (No Label)

2003-07-05 NEW ART
1969-01-11 "The Streets of San Francisco" (No Label)
1973-03-16 "A Very Nice Night" (Cyanine)
1973-07-06 "Rockin In Chicago" (Moonlight)
1975-02-12 "MSG" (No Label)
1975-02-16 "Smoking St. Louis!" (No Label)
1975-05-13 "Fighting Back At The Coliseum" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Deep Throat" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Cabala" [corrected track list]
P/P 1998-07-01 "The Man With The Golden Guitar" (No Label)
Page 2002-09-12 "Lili Was Here" (No Label)

2003-05-31 NEW ART
1969-06-20 "Blighty" (Tarantura 2000) [alternate with spine for jewel case]
1969-10-12 "Triumphant UK Return" (Empress Valley)
1977-05-26 "Bringing The House Down" (Empress Valley)
1972-06-19 "Sizzles In Seattle" (Lemon Song)
1972-10-02 "Complete Dancing Days" (Four Symbols) [upgraded scan]
1977-06-10 "Riot In Thunderstorm" (Electric Magic)
Compilations "Unauthorised"
    Live (Joker) - Volumes 2 & 3
    Whole Lotta Love (Banana) - Volumes 1-4
Video "Seattle 1977" (Cosmic Energy)
Page "Midnight Outrider" (Red Sun)
Page "Past and Present" (Observation)
Page 1988-10-17 "Outrider The Tour" (No Label)
P/P 1995-02-28 "The Truth Explodes" (Two Symbols)

2003-04-25 NEW ART
1969-06-20 "Blighty" (Tarantura 2000)
1969-06-20 "Newcastle 06-20-69" (no label)
1972-06-22 "San Bernardino" (no label)
1972-06-22 "Berdu" (Cobra) [upgraded scans]
1973-03-14 "Messenhalle" (no label)
1973-05-16 "Thunderous Attack" (no label)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Definitive Birthday Party" (no label)
1975-02-12 "Flying Circus" (no label)
1975-03-21 "Good Evening Seattle" (Magnificent)
1977-04-10 "Shake It Jimmy!" (no label)
1977-04-27 "Destroyer Gold" (Tarantura)
1977-06-08 "Manhatten Mayhem" (no label)
Compilations "Belgian Triple" (Empress Valley)
Video LZ "Kingdom Come" (Watch Tower)
P/P 1998-11-13 "Vienna" (Unknown Label)
P/P Compilations "Walking Into Led Zeppelin Ruins" (Art Trade)
Plant Video "Promos and Asides" DVD (no label)
Yardbirds "Live Saga 1963 - 1967" (Back Track)

2003-04-03 NEW ART
1970-04-09 "Tampa 70" (no label)
1973-05-18 "Dallas 73 Soundboard" (no label)
1975-03-27 "The End of The Marathon" (no label)
1975-05-18 "No Quarter - In Association With Red Devil" (Empress Valley)
1975-05-25 "Zeppelin Express Physical Rocket" (Empress Valley)
1977-06-22 "One Day After Eddie" (Immigrant) [signficant upgrade]

2003-03-09 NEW ART
1969-04-27 "I Can't Quit Here" (No Label)
1969-08-31 "Texas Intl Pop Festival" (Last Stand)
1971-04-01 "Heartbreaker" (Triangle)
1971-11-11 "Transitional Magic (Electric Magic)
1972-10-09 "Let Me Get Back to 1972" (H-Bomb)
1973-05-31 "Bonzo's Birthday Party" Definitive Edition (Empress Valley)
1977-04-23 "Live at the Omni" (No Label)
Compilations "Mad Dogs Box" 10 CD (Mad Dogs)
Compilations "More Than Something Else" (Aulica)
Video "London Burning" (No Label)
P/P Compilations "No Quarter" (Right Stuff)
Page "James Patrick Page Session Man Vol 1 & 2" (Archive)

2003-03-01 NEW ART
1970-08-21 "Tulsa Hillbilly" (Tarantura)
1971-11-20 "Electric Magic Show" (Apple) [still need higher res scan]
1972-02-19 "Adelaide 1972" (FBO Tree)
1973-07-24 "Three Rivers Stadium" (no label)
1975-02-12 "Flying Circus" (Eelgrass)
1977-06-25 "Live From The Forum, It's Saturday Night" (no label)
1980-06-23 "Cool Shades Jimmy" (no label)
1980-07-05 "Jammin' With Simon Kirk" (Empress Valley)
Compilations "Complete Tapes Vol 1 & 2 (Tintagel)
Video "1977" (Cosmic Energy)
Video "1979-1980" (Cosmic Energy)
Plant 9/12/2002 "Live at the Greek Theatre" (no label)

2003-02-13 NEW ART
1969-07-20 "Cleveland 69" (no label)
1971-08-31 "Florida Sunshine" (Empress Valley)
1972-05-27 "Amsterdam Warmup" (Magnificent)
1973-03-21 "April Fools Day" (LZ)
1973-07-06 "Round and Round" (Ghost)
1975-05-17 "For Trainspotters Only" (no label)
1977-06-27 "The Machine That Rocks" (no label)
Video "Second Night In The Park" Knebworth DVD (Cosmic Energy)
Plant "The Road To Italy" POB Video (Rhythm Lake)

2003-01-31 NEW ART
[BEGIN Master Archive R2]
1972-06-22 "Born To Be Wild" (Magnificent)
1973-07-06 "Dazed And confused" (Chapter One)
1977-06-03 "Stormwatch" (No Label)
1979-08-11 "Robert's Last Stand" (No Label)
Compilations "Radio Appearances" (World Productions)
Compilations "Two Penny Upright" (Antrabata)
Compilations "Roots" (Early Years)
Video "Rock Show/Cameras Roll" Seattle '77 DVD (Akashic)
Video "Early Visions" DVD (Celebration)
Video "London Calling" DVD (Sugar Mama)
P/P 1996-07-25 "Return to Electric Magic Vol 1" (Two Symbols)
P/P 1996-07-26 "Return to Electric Magic Vol 2" (Two Symbols)
Plant 2001-03-06 Toronto VHS (no label)
Plant 2002-09-15 Austin City Limits DVD (no label)

Master Archive R1 Released

May 2002 ZeppelinArt comes online

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