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9th us tour (whole lotta live)

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another magic (dynamite)

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complete msg (wendy)

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electric magic (scorpio)

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garden tapes vol 2 (no label)

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it doesnt get any cooler (dadgad)

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it doesnt get any cooler (no label)

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it doesnt get any cooler (small fish)

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live at msg (private master)

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madison square garden (turtle)

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madison square garden deux (wendy)

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msg (cannonball)

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msg (no label)

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one more magic (immigrant)

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out from the movie (forever standard)

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shattering effect (scorpio uk)

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the effect is shattering (empress valley)

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tour de force (tarantura)

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wizardry (joker)

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1973-07-28 New York Cross References
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