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929 (h-bomb)

645.5 KB

929 (tdolz)

426.7 KB

9291971 (tarantura 2000)

842.3 KB

air raid (discurios)

283.9 KB

cellarful of noise (no label)

1.3 MB

cellarful of noise (noise generator)

460.8 KB

complete geisha tape (memphis)

438.4 KB

complete geisha tape (tarantura)

312.0 KB

everybody say mr bonham (no label)

295.2 KB

fatally wanderer (wendy)

585.0 KB

fatally wanderer definitive (wendy)

793.4 KB

how the east was won (no label)

484.9 KB

its been a long time (mud dogs)

320.1 KB

japan tour 71 (bug)

455.2 KB

live in japan 1971 (cobra)

358.4 KB

live in japan 1971 (empress valley)

2.4 MB

live in japan 1971 (last stand)

431.0 KB

live in japan 1971 (last stand2)

451.1 KB

live in osaka (night hawk)

393.8 KB

live in osaka (no label)

193.2 KB

live in osaka (tarantura 2000)

702.9 KB

lost geisha tape (tarantura)

356.4 KB

nine two nine (tdolz)

1.2 MB

osaka (no label)

620.9 KB

osaka (no label2)

582.5 KB

osaka 92971 (no label)

277.6 KB

rice in hair (no label)

469.8 KB

smoke get in your eyes (scorpio)

2.4 MB

smoke gets in your eyes (mad dogs)

703.7 KB

smoke gets in your eyes (rock solid)

440.9 KB

spirited away (no label)

706.4 KB

wild side (toasted)

249.5 KB

world tour (toasted)

382.2 KB

you were there in spirits (empress valley)

758.4 KB

1971-09-29 Osaka Cross References
Compilations Live in Japan 1971 (Last Stand)
Compilations Loose Ends (Saka)
Compilations Tight But Loose (Saka)

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